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Questions about repairs on Kawasaki Bayou 220's

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    • I think you are right your compression release is not working, if it will run, try this, cover the intake hit the starter as soon as it starts to turn over remove your intake cover, it should start. Not sure on yours never worked on 125 but all the ones I have repaired have been quite troublesome inside the engine.
    • Yes I believe your MXU is a 12 volt ignition.. Some of the kawasaki use a 12 volt system. The specs you quoted for resistance, were too high for a cdi system, so the bike you were quoting for (the 200 kawasaki), is a 12 volt system. Then, the measurement from your coil is too high resistance to be a cdi coil unless it's shorted out, so it seems your bike is 12 volt ignition, like a kawasaki. Your resistance reading though is a little low which could mean it's partly shorted inside. That would make it draw a higher current than intended, and it would have a weak spark. Try using a set of jumpers and try the coil on 12 v.. it should throw a good spark with it's cap off the lead.
    • I'm not sure Notall. Most have some moving parts.. A pin that comes out or a ring that turns.. If they are mechanical. I think you'd have to pull the cam cover off to look. Your one might be operated by vacuum and that might be why putting your hand on it works so well. If i't s a diaphragm one there should be a fairly large diaphragm somewhere obvious.. I think. Have you tried the jumpers off a good battery straight to the engine and the starter motor ? To eliminate the starter solenoid. Do you know the make ?  We might find some manual for another model that's made by them, that has a de-compressor..  It might tell us something.
    • Hi Mech First place I started with new starter and cables as the old cables had corrosion, I have tried the spare battery and jump leads and it's the same hard to turn over until you close off the intake. How do you test the auto decompression as not sure how it works.
    • I tied looking it up to see exactly what it had, you are right, not much information on them, none of the online parts houses I use listed any parts for it. Are you using a coil that is specific for the Kymco or just a coil.  Mech thats news to me I thought all of the newer bikes had CDI systems, maybe they are going back to the basics. 
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