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  1. Sorry, it's a 2001 Bayou 220. Can't find an Edit option for the post Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Several months ago, I finally got around to fixing the bayou. Rebuilt the carb, replaced the fuel selector switch, hoses and fuel filter, and she ran great. Only had 2 minor issues since then where, at higher speeds, it acted like it was choking out when I let off the throttle. Lately I've noticed if I let it go for more than a week, it almost drains the battery dead trying to start. I initially thought battery, but after inspecting I found very little if not any fuel flow through the line until it starts and runs. I'm a little baffled and don't have much time to mess with it as most my free time right now is spent on getting my rv up and ready for hunting season in the next 3 weeks. So any help on quick diagnosis checks would be helpful. Otherwise I'll just keep starting it every 3-4 days to keep things primed until I'm done hunting. Oh, and another question on a different topic. Does anybody know what the mounting brackets on the front rack are for? I'm referring to the 2 angled metal tabs with threaded holes that are located on the left, near your knee when sitting on the quad? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. So, when I bought my non-running bayou, I HAD an 05 Dakota quadcab that it fit in the back of. But by the time i got it up and running, i had traded said p/u for a tricked out 04 Wrangler.. so we bought a 5x8 utility trailer to haul it and our camp gear in. However, if I get my '78 Chevy shortbus running in the next 30 days (yes I have a shortbus), I may load it in the back to haul to hunting camp. And yes, I will post pics to share if I do. Lol Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Squirrel


  5. UPDATE: Wow it's been forever and a day since I last was on here. lol Anyway, too may things kept pushing the Bayou back on hold but I finally got it going after a little more carb work and replacing the fuel selector switch and fuel lines. Took it out on a day ride with a friend (in case it broke down) and did great! Don't know about fuel mileage, but was out for around 6 hrs of almost non-stop trail riding and used almost half a tank. Had it out again for 4th of July on a camping trip and still ran good. It did have 1 incident when I opened it up on a gravel road; was clipping along in 5th gear and it started sputtering like it was running out of fuel. Lasted about 15 seconds and then cleared up. Other than that (and that it needs tires and shocks) it performs great. Am looking at doing a 22 mile OHV trail up in the mountains soon as soon but not sure when yet. Oh, and am waiting for my winch kit to show up. May be a little over kill for a 220, but if/when I upgrade, I'll transfer the winch to the new one. For now, this little 220 is working great for everything I need.. the real test comes in Oct when hunting season starts hahaha
  6. I'm up in Lewiston; do most my riding up around Orofino and Pierce
  7. Umm yea, so I screwed up. Forgot to check the 00-02 supplement in the manual and so the float is set at the wrong height
  8. Good to know on the air box. I left it off as the filter needs cleaned and it makes it a little easier to access the carb. But will reinstall before making any adjustments this morning. I did start at 2-1/4 turns but it ran way worse; ended up at 1-1/2. Will reset once the air box is back in though. As for setting the float level, the float was previously installed upside down and the tab was bent over 45 degrees, so I knew it wasn't right. The service manual calls for initial setting to be at 21.8mm from the housing to the top of the float, and I was going to adjust the level (as per service manual) once I got it running. But, I got too exited over it actually firing up and forgot. And your method sounds a lot easier than the one in the manual. Also, when I did the compression test, I replaced the spark plug and verified that I did have spark. It was pretty fouled and needed changed. Plus I wanted to increase my odds that it would actually fire up and not have to chase other no-start issues. lol
  9. So, an update on the Bayou... carb kit came in (All Balls kit for '00-02') and immediately noticed the needle jet only has one groove but the part # on it matches OEM. I went ahead and used the kit to rebuild the carb (note: found out the float was previously installed upside down), replaced the fuel line and filter (note: fuel switch is seeping and needs replaced), and installed the carb. I did set the air mix and float to the manual specs, as well as adjust the throttle cable all the way out. Unfortunately, the bike runs like crap. It will not stay running without the choke set to 50% or more, and if you throttle too fast, it chokes out and dies. If you ease into the throttle engine runs smooth up to about 50%; after that it either chokes or floods (not sure yet) and dies. I did try adjusting the air/fuel mix a little but it didn't help. Will add I was running it without the air-box so I know it's not restricted there. Anyways, it was getting cold and late so I called it a night and will attempt to trouble shoot in a couple hours when it's light outside and warmed up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. One last thing - I did flush the tank and am running new fuel. And, after I warmed the engine up, I drained and replaced the oil and filter so at least that's checked off. lol
  10. Greetings! New to atvs as well (and a bayou 220). Don't know how much help I'll be but does the electric start not work? or missing? Only ask cause mine turns over with tons of compression with the start button, but the pull start only comes out about 6-8" before stopping completely. I thought mine was seized as well until I got the start switch working. Just a thought. Good luck!
  11. Great post. Reminds me of when I first started doing car alignments. lol And reminds me, yet another thing I will need to check over on my bayou restore
  12. Greetings from ID. Came here for a manual as well but found a lot of other useful info and some cool ppl too
  13. Thought I'd throw this one in the club section to help raise the lack of activity here. I'm fixing up a '00 Bayou 220 that I picked up last weekend; needs the carb rebuilt, at least that's all I was hoping it needed. Anyways, decided to check the battery, starter, spark, all that jazz so I was good to go when I got the carb fixed.. and that's when I found an intermittent short in the start switch as well as the headlight switch. So I removed the switch housing from the handlebar to find this: I dismantled the entire assembly, blew it all out with compressed air, cleaned everything including the corroded contacts, and then reassembled it all making sure to put dielectric grease on all the exposed electrical. It looks 1000x better than before and everything works as it should (though I think I installed the kill switch backwards lol). My question is this: Is that good enough? As a former auto mechanic, I'd always seal any external electronics to prevent dirt, moisture, etc from getting in. However, the design of the housing doesn't really make this possible. I'm not trying to make this thing 100% submersible, but with the switch being old/original I'd like to know it won't fail on me if I get caught in a downpour or something.
  14. Recon I'll introduce myself here. I go by Squirrel, hail from northern Idaho and recently picked up my first atv. Wife and I are avid motorcycle riders but this will be a fun and new experience for both of us even though we've ridden others 4-wheelers off and on over the years.
  15. Thanks for the recommendations. I like the idea of the 12v and usb outlets! Just got back from errands and had stopped by Harbinger Fright to pick up a few sale items for the bayou: 20' tow/recovery strap, tie down ratchets, digital air gauge, tire plug kit, and some engine degreaser. I may take the tire plug kit back as I just found out AutoZone has a kit that comes with CO2(?) cartridges for re-inflating for $20. Saves room and I have a large compressor in my garage. I have a heavy duty plastic tool box I was thinking of bolting to the back rack, but I use it to haul my chain saw and come-along (which will be with the bike until I get a winch. lol All in all, a decent start to equipping it before I take it out on it's maiden voyage.

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