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  2. I've had Hondas and Polaris. Never had any real gripes with either.
  3. I'm from Idaho but I make it down this way occasionally. I'd like to know where some good trails are in this area.
  4. I realize this is an old thread. The sand dunes in St Anthony can be a lot of fun! But they are always changing, there are hazards everywhere and lots of traffic. Many accidents here. Great potential for fun, but be careful!
  5. I'm in Idaho Falls. What are some good areas over your way for me to try out sometime?
  6. When I first got mine, it was 80% play. But now I'd probably say 50/50. The work is mostly snow removal and yard work and the play is less frequent than it used to be.
  7. I've ridden since I was a kid. Quads mostly, but dirt bikes as well and now UTVs. Trying to get my kids into it now.
  8. I'm in southeast Idaho. Fall Creek area near Swan Valley is our go-to. Kelly Canyon area has some decent trails. I've heard there is good riding around Mackay and the Lemhis/Lost River range area but we've never ventured that far. Where do you ride around Idaho Falls?
  9. When I lived in the Fraser Valley, we would always go down to Mt Vernon, WA to ride.
  10. I just got a 2006 Polaris Predator 50 for my kiddos. But it's gonna need some work first. I'm looking for the: Service Manual for a 2006 Polaris Predator 50 I have the manual for a 2004 and I've heard that they're the same but the wiring diagram seems to be off. Can anyone help me out, please? Thank you!

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