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Truck stacks ..lol wtf

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Starting to see a lot more rednecks Witt giant ass diesels with these ridiculous exaust stacks coming out of the box lol. Holy hell. One guy in the town over from me has some pos 2wd 305 gm with massive stacks an obviously no mufflers lol....what a stupid look 

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ROFL I see that all the time.  I always thought I must be an idiot because I see no reason for it.  Actual tractor trailers are working on making the stacks smaller and these boneheads are putting huge stacks on pick ups. xD

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Stupid neighbor has one on his mower. I need to get a photo of that pos xD. Also saw some hero with what looked a 55 gallon drum in the box ..one giant ass stack :laugh:

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Certainly is a waste of money, time, and truck box space.  Not to mention that it's an open invitation to moisture down the pipes, but really is there any explanation for what those guys do?  I don't know about anyone else but for me personally when I go riding it's to escape the the noise, crowds, technology etc.  I don't necessarily understand the guys that put the speaker tubes on their machines and blast music as they are riding through the woods either. To each is own I guess, just extra weight, taking up space on the rack, and something else that can quit working due to vibration and wet weather.  Said enough from my soap box🤐 everyone has their reasons for riding and what they enjoy, Nothing more awesome than riding my semi-quiet four-stroke into the hills mountains and shutting it off and hearing nothing but the wind through the trees, birds, and insects.

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