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04 Arctic Cat 500 starting problem

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A friend of mine has a 2004 Arctic Cat 500 (Suzuki Engine). The last ride it went on was 18 months ago and has sat since. At that time it would back fire once in awhile, then run fine. Drained the gas and replaced with fresh the other day. Tried to start it without success. Tried 3 times with either and it ran approximately 3 minutes each time. Removed carburetor which was green inside and cleaned thoroughly. Did not fire even with either. Replaced spark plug. Didn't help. Timing is good, compression is 60 PSI, Intake pipe has no holes. Ordered new carburetor. Anyone have any suggestions other than blowing it up?


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I have a 2005 Arctic Cat 500 (Kawasaki engine) that I leave sit for about 7 months a year, as I am elsewhere. It, at first, won't start. This has been typical for about 6 years. Then, I pull the plug to make sure I have spark. At one time, I thought the fuel pump was at fault, so I replaced it (no difference). I replaced all the fuel and vent lines, so I could see if fuel was getting to the fuel pump and on to the carb. What I found, was, even though fuel was traveling to the carb, it apparently was not priming the carb enough, or at all, to allow it to start. The solution, now for first startup, has been to take the line off the fuel pump to the carb and blow fuel down it. Works every time now. Another thing you could do, is blow on the line from the fuel pump back to the fuel tank. It could be that, after sitting for awhile, the fuel filter in the tank is clogged enough to sufficiently dis-allow fuel flow to the fuel pump.

Also, beware of cracked and aged fuel and air lines. They definitely will prevent starting and/or cause erratic running problems, which was the main reason I replaced all my lines.

Let me know if you have luck.

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