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Out and about in 2017

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Had a very long winter and now a very long Hot DRY summer which I have a feeling will hamper the rest of our riding season as our state has 23 forest fires going right now and makes me a little nervous about going up into the mountains, Have only been out twice this year which really sucks but know one thing for sure am looking for an ATV with PS and IRS. Love the reliability of the Hondas but they are kicking our but when we go out.  The Solid Rear Axle is a killer for the wife, and she's not liking the manual shifts so much this season.  Don't want the issues that I've read about with CanAm and sorry but Polaris is not even in the running, everyone that I know that has one has nothing but trouble with it. So not sure what direction to go for sure.  So here's a few pics from those two rides, can never get enough of being in these mountains.  The trail that we were on in the last few pics was a new trail to us so that was fun, found out that it runs for about  25 miles, as the crow flies, into two other drainages and that will be a blast to explore, love the new trails.














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Dream Car Giveaway

Actually I have, I think that they both look like great machines, the people that had them for sale wanted a bit more than I could afford, I haven't had any encounters with the forest service yet about riding two up on a single so could probably get a way with either one.  I will continue to look though.  Thanks for the comments on the photos, I am very blessed to live where I live, going to twist the wife's arm and see if I  can get here to go out again today to hit another new trail, we'll see.

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Look   up  Kymco..  They  are Taiwanese,  not  mainland  Chinese... They  used to  be  with  Honda  before  they  went  on their  own.  They  build motors  ans clutches  for  other  big name brand   Quads . They  also  build parts  for  BMW  cars.   Kymco  happens to  also  be the official  scooter  and  ATV  supplier  to the  NHRA. 

 Kawasaki  and others   use  Kymco  built  parts,  and   Kawasaki  also  rebrands   a Kymco  scooter ..  They   are far  from  being  a  junk manufacturer.

  But  call  them  junk  as  you  wish, but those  that  condemn  "Chinese "  manufactured  parts  and  equipment really  should  learn where  far too many  of their  Good  ole   USA  brand tools,  machinery,  electronics and many other things  are  made. Kymco manufactured clutches   are  used  in several CTV  applications. 

No,  I  don't  own  a  Kymco, nor  do  I  have any investment  in them or  any  other   Chinese  or  Taiwanese   companies , but  I  really do think    people , especially in the  US  need to  learn  where  a  lot  of the  parts  and  equipment  they  buy  that  has  old  time  American  names on it and have  American  parent companies should  learn  where  so  many  components   are  made  and  how  many   items  they  buy  with  American  brands on them  are actually  rebranded from  an  off shore  manufacturer;  many  of them  unheard  of  outside their home country.

 A  lot of  junk  does  come out of   mainland  China, but  a  lot  of top  notch  things do  too.. Unfortunately   the  same can  be  said  of  Canadian  and  American  manufactured  products.  The  country  of  origin  doesn't  necessarily   determine whether  a  product is  junk or  not.



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I wasn't myself calling Kymco  junk or crap, that is just what I have heard and read a few people say, in fact I got online and did some research, they do look like a decent machine and I myself read that they were associated with Honda. Too bad they don't make a 2 up machine. We do not have a dealership around here for them but there is one dealership that carries CFMoto

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Far too  many  sniff at   Chinese ( and  Taiwanese  or  Korean ) made products  and declare them  junk  without   having  a clue  what they  are really  like.. and  at  the  same time  tout  some  name  brand North  American  products....... that  are in  fact  manufactured  in the  countries  they  sniff  at ..   LOL. . Kymco  is  a good example of  just one of those companies.

Americans  aren't the only  ones to do  it  by the  way ..  I'm  afraid  Canadians  can  be  just  as  prejudiced  against  Asian  manufactured  goods that  come from  anywhere  other than  Japan......  and  I  can  remember  when everyone  was saying   if it was  made  in Japan  it was  junk..... Until  the  Japanese  started  putting  American  and Canadian  made  cars especially to  shame  for quality. Optics  and electronics  both  saw  many  Japanese brands   become far  superior  to   offerings made in  North  America.  We're  seeing    the  start  of  a repeat   of that  with  today's  China  too . . Still  lots  of   junk, but  also  a  lot  of top  notch products .

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