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i need help with bayou 220 know nothing about them


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thank you the wheeler belongs to my daughter ans it has been stored for a while .  i down loaded both service manual and owners manual . they are very helpful but they dont show one thing over by the start buttom abd light switch there are two yellow buttons  s

one for up one for down .is this for shifting the trans . i dont have a clue . and i cant seem to get the nuteral light  no matter how much i move the shift peddle . thanks for your time in helping an old man 

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Neutral  light could be  burned out .. Mine is .  The  yellow  buttons   up  and down  may be  for headlights.  They  have nothing to  do with  shifting gears.

Neutral  light  is a convenience  since  it does let you  know  when you  are in neutral, but  if it  doesn't  light  and your quad  won't start in gear  then  the  safety  switch is  working  and either  the  light is burned out  or the   it doesn't get the signal to  light from the switch.  I  don't worry  about the light out on my  quad.


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The starter will  not  run if it is  in  gear.  It  it is  not running   when  you are certain  it is in  neutral it becomes a chore of tracing out the circuit  to  see  where  the fault is.. It  could be a dead battery, broken  wire,  bad ground, a faulty switch  or relay,  or the starter itself. To  be  sure the starter itself is  ok,  you  could  run 12v  directly to  it  with a  jumper cable to see if it spins over.


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my ole big red  has a separate dimmer switch but  i got this kawasaki stripper down and that wire off those yellow buttons go to a separate computer board that shifts the trans its weird and it dont show in the serv manual. gonna have to jack it up in back jump it to start and go from there. thanks for your help and time

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