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Alan Callison

Help! 2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 axle bearing & brakes

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Hi ya'll. I just got a 04 Kodiak 400 and Im confused.The left rear wheel moves like the bearing is shot so I figured its a quick fix. Much to my dismay when I looked at it before I tore into it ,it appears to have a drum brake-no bearing on the wheel. As this is the first time Id be working on a 4 wheeler job Im a bit hesitant. The manual only shows this has disk brakes.Its a sealed drum right behind the wheel.I pulled the wheel of expecting to find a bearing.Nope! Ive never done it before but it appears Ill have to pull the axle out to replace the bearing. Am I correct and if I am can anyone give me some advice on how to do it.The repair manual isn't much help. Thanks alot!

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Take a look at this schematic 

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Yamaha Kodiak Rear Wheel Bearing Diagram

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      I tried to hook up a 15 gal. broadcast sprayer w/ a pump to the atv. It has two leads that I typically hook to the battery of my other atv and I've never had any issues in the past.

      this was the first time I ever hooked this pump sprayer to this atv.

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      when I hooked up the leads, I heard a slight crackle/pop when I hooked up the battery terminal leads and there was a slight electrical smell. i thought it was just the crackle you get when getting a good connection to the terminals. i tested the pump, it worked and proceeded to start the atv.

      No luck. All digital display items work and the atv will turn over, but it will not start. it sounds like there's no fire to it. it turns over strong. 
      I checked the choke and the auto kill switch thinking it got bumped.
      I also checked the few fuses in the same compartment as the battery. all visually looked good.

      is there another fuse I'm missing?
      Anything else I should check?
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