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05 Raptor 660 Crackin And Popin

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I Just Got An 05 660r Raptor And When It's Sitting There And You Give It Gas It Cracks And Pops When Reved At High Rpms Back And Forth.......any Idea What It Could Be?? Local Dealer Said It Caould Be The Rev Switch That Runs From The Clutch Handle To The Tranny.....so I Cut The Wires And Spliced Them Together To See If That Made A Difference.....and It Didnt.....any Idea Would Be Greatly Appriciated.....thanks

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dont really know.......just got it.......from what i saw i couldnt even find the adjustments for the carb.....other then the idle screw......found that on the side......i'm waiting on the weathr to break then i'll get it right.......was just hoping it was a quick fix.....i'm leaning towards there not being a airbox lid......i have one ordered and it should be on it's way

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running without a air box lid and not jetting the bike could cause it to run lean ....which would make you backfire out the carb/airfilter.....have you experienced this...my bike did that b4 and when it pops it feels like someone gave you a little tap on your crotch,,,lol

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