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Bobbi-Marie Giordano

Kazuma 250 won't start

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I have a kazuma 250 utility atv, I believe it's a gator and this thing will not start for anything. I've got good spark and it will turn over but will not fire up. I can't find any kind of manual with useful info on this thing. Can any1 tell me what the stock car. Settings r on it so I can make sure they r rite.... I don't think tat s my problem but the more I can rule out the closer I can get 2 a solution. Thanks! 

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Has the bike been sitting ? 

Have you checked fuel is getting into the engine.   Get some starting fluid and spray it in the air intake and crank.   If the bike starts then it’s. A fuel problem.  

Couod be bad gas, dirty carburetor etc 

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There is still a problem with the starter relay! We blame the candle or candle pierce. you can see a black spout on a starter relay, then it's worth testing it.By the time I changed everything, then it was easier to go. The stuttering sound, it is a reference to the dirty thing in the system. It is necessary to clean carburetor, gasoline filters and filters.

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Hi and thank u every1... I've done everything mentioned except whatever ur saying about the starter relay. I checked the starter relay and it's working as it should. The spark is strong and when I open the screw in the bottom of the carb I've got fuel flowing. This thing makes no sense @ all. It has sat here and there but for no long amount of time... Maybe like a week or 2 here and there but not for any significant amount of time. 

But I am gonna clean the carb again just 2 rule that out 4 sure 

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Good idea on a second cleaning of the carb. Fuel in the bowl of the carb does not alwsys mean the fuel is getting where it needs to go. There is a main jet that allows fuel to get into the carb from the bowl. This jet is most likely blocked.    

Have you sprayed starting fluid into the air Intake  to see if the bike fires up ???

Also have you checked that the fuel has not gotten water in it ? 

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Thank u frank. I did notice the fuel appeared 2 b compromised. I am aware of the main jet and the issues involved however I will appreciatively take ur suggestion and make certian it is free of all debri. I think my big hesitation and uncertainty with this particular machine is it is a water cooled engine for 1, which I have never had this displeasure of working on. And 2, the timing adjusters r on the outside of this engine which not only strikes me as odd but also I can't see how this is a good idea as it seems easily comprimisable.... If that's even a word, lol. I haven't touched the machine in a few weeks altho I need 2 get on the ball with it. 

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Recheck the carb.  I've cleaned carbs before, put it back together and it starts or barely start, just to retake the carb off and reclean it and it fires up.  Make sure gas is getting to the bowl in the carb and all jets are clean.  You'd be surprise on how a piece of debris can clog and hole off a jet and you miss it.  Thats what happened to me.

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