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who owns a trike?

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Hmmmmm,,,,,,,Ive been Busy,,,,didnt see this thread until now.....

Why I own and Ride a Trike huh????

Grew up Riding Trikes....There weren't Quads yet:laugh:

I can Buy a Trike Cheaper than ANY New or Used Quad and still make it go anywhere a Quad can go(So Far...LOL)

I dont need the false sense of security that the Extra Weight and Wheel gives todays Quad Riders... Anyone can Ride a Quad..

Bottom Line....

QUADS ARE FOR PU*****:laugh:

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      Exploiting a loop hole in the law, turn 4 wheeler into rev trike
      for a long while I have been trying to get a real 4 wheeler street legal.
      the problem is with the state laws, if it has 4 wheels, its a car and has mega more rules.
      If it only has 3 wheels, its a trike and can be made from cobbled junk parts held together with duct tape and they will plate it
      I wonder if anyone would have insight on changing a 4 wheeler over to a single rear wheel?
      [ I can't afford some $40-60,000 canam or super bike modded into a car, rev trike kit ]
      I want something I can truly ride year round on and off road. Ive rode enough old Honda 3 wheelers that I know I do not want a traditional motorcycle trike. So the single wheel has to go out back.

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