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Exploiting a loop hole in the law, turn 4 wheeler into rev trike

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Exploiting a loop hole in the law, turn 4 wheeler into rev trike

for a long while I have been trying to get a real 4 wheeler street legal.

the problem is with the state laws, if it has 4 wheels, its a car and has mega more rules.

If it only has 3 wheels, its a trike and can be made from cobbled junk parts held together with duct tape and they will plate it

I wonder if anyone would have insight on changing a 4 wheeler over to a single rear wheel?

[ I can't afford some $40-60,000 canam or super bike modded into a car, rev trike kit ]

I want something I can truly ride year round on and off road. Ive rode enough old Honda 3 wheelers that I know I do not want a traditional motorcycle trike. So the single wheel has to go out back.



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Looks a bit goofy when he turned, maybe cause he used a reg rounded rear tire. With it now being like a car, trike or even a side car your not leaning to turn, so the rear tire can be wide and flat.

as if the front end isn't articulating when he turns, the rear end is leaning.

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Though I do see a flaw, 4 wheelers are often geared for those tiny rear tires. a 16-17" rear tire could really mess up the gearing.

Can ya imagine that little tire on the yam I posted, spinning at 70+ MPH on the eway for a while?

Id almost like to do a rear tire like that, wide and flat. But not so small.

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There was a time when I was in contact with a person in San Fran that converted a Raptor 660 into a reverse trike and made it street legal. He was going to do some more R&D and try to market a kit. But that was back in early 2000s..Not sure what happend to him..His screen name was Legaleagle on some trike sites..I also believe this was his ride..


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38 minutes ago, Shane Pillar said:

Why would you take a perfect racing Yamaha and make it a trike? That is a disgrace 

Because  he  can use it  on the  highway  in 3  wheel  mode   and  trail riding in  4  wheel setup..   Didn't  you  notice  it  only  takes him a  half  hour  to  switch  between  3  and  4  wheel  setup ?
I've  also  seen  conversions  done to   allow  a  snow mobile to  be  used in summer  as  a  rear wheel  driven trike.  

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I  think it would depend on the  state ( or province) what  modifications to  a  quad  or  snowmobile  would be  necessary to  make them road legal;  or even  if they  could be made road legal. Every state  and  province  has its own traffic laws so  anyone contemplating such a  project would be  wise  to  check  the legality of it  out  first. Here,  in  BC some rules governing  ATVs on  secondary  roads vary  between the much  less populated  and developed north, the  rural southern  areas  and the cities / primary   roads and  highways.

The   ATV  shown may have been  street  legal as a  trike (  trikes  are considered  motorcycles in BC) in  the  lower  mainland of BC  if  it  had  a speedometer; but  I wouldn't  guarantee  it.

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Added the "maybe"
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