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Little taotao's

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I've got a couple of taotao 125's I picked up really cheap for the kids. I thought I would document some of the issues I have had and repairs I have cobbled, because obviously at this price point and quality level one cannot invest much in improvements.


First of all, if you are not mechanically inclined do not buy one of these. You will need a awareness of how things work, a willingness to take things apart, and the patience to do things more than once, because whatever you do you will probably be doing again at some point.

As is pretty common knowledge, every  bolt on these that can come loose, will. Get some locktight and keep it handy. do wheels, axle nuts, swingarm and front suspension right away, and anything else as you go through it, and you will go through it.

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haha good point.  the only reason I assumed it had one is it dies if you peg it from a stop. like not bogs, dies.  but if I floor it after getting going, it hooks and goes..  My friend told me before getting it that I would hate it cause it had a 'rev limiter'.  first time I had heard of them.

I'll post a pic on my thread.

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Get it running as best possable. Wash the sh** out of it and hit it with some armor all and sell it!

I gave mine away  to a friend for his son only bc I was nervous about selling a bike that only ran when it wanted to. I didn’t want anyone coming back to me saying it’s a broken piece of junk! Very finicky.  It was a 50 cc bike. Still runs good but needs a new sp every other week. 

Be honest with the buyer and let them know there not getting a rolls Royce and its a good starter bike to learn on but needs maintenance to keep it going.   

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