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  1. I've used them all in the past, but always end up back at ubuntu. It's just so easy, the latest version is no big deal to get, it'll run decent on even the most crusty machine, it's wonderful. Right now I'm on one of those really cheap throwaway computers that doesn't even have a hard drive, just 30gb soldered to the board. It wasn't capable of upgrading to the new release of windows ten, and was painfully slow anyway, but a fresh install of the latest ubuntu takes only 8gb and leaves me with a nice running, simple cheap laptop. If you don't do anything unique you don't have to do anything beyond what comes with it, there is loads of specific software for those that want it, mostly free, if you don't mind a small learning curve, give it a try.
    Excellent quality manual. Thank you very much.
  2. Worst quad I ever had was an arctic cat. The suzuki engine underneath ran great, but the unique carb with exceptionally poor quality rubber components and no parts support was frustrating. Then the terrible design to engage the four wheel drive was always causing trouble. Finally the plastics were of a quality I have only before seen on chinese bikes, once they got a crack of any sort it was like a party. Had to carry zip ties and a cordless drill with you or your bike would be naked after checking the cows.
  3. I once purchased a really clean bike only to find out that the oil drain plug was stripped. Chunks inside the case, liquid gasket holding in the plug. Didn't find it until it came time to do the first oil change, the seller had "just done it". I was so mad it sat for a few years until I switched the case. Even knowing what to look for wasn't enough to outdo a crooked seller. Always remember that any bike is not the last one you will see, if there is too much suspicious, leave it.
  4. firefox comes with ubuntu and leaves nothing to be desired.
  5. All in what you want. If you like to tinker, get a chinese bike, if you like to putz along all day and not do much to your machine, get a honda, if you have work to do, get a kawasaki, if you like to go fast, get a polaris, and if you like to feel superior for your initial investment, get a can am.
  6. I've found parts to be cheap, but generally poor quality for little chinese bikes. It's definitely a better investment to get a real bike if you can.
  7. CDI's on these are really bad, I've gone through several over the years. The kids love the little turds or they just wouldn't be worth the hassle. Also, buy a GOOD fuel filter for a couple bucks from a real atv dealer, the ones out of china self destruct causing more problems than the solve.
  8. I've got a couple of taotao 125's I picked up really cheap for the kids. I thought I would document some of the issues I have had and repairs I have cobbled, because obviously at this price point and quality level one cannot invest much in improvements. First of all, if you are not mechanically inclined do not buy one of these. You will need a awareness of how things work, a willingness to take things apart, and the patience to do things more than once, because whatever you do you will probably be doing again at some point. As is pretty common knowledge, every bolt on these that can come loose, will. Get some locktight and keep it handy. do wheels, axle nuts, swingarm and front suspension right away, and anything else as you go through it, and you will go through it.
  9. I've been a member here for quite a while, don't have much to ad as there are always people who know significantly more than me. While I understand the ten posts before downloading, I find it annoying.
  10. Looks like a useful manual, I apparently can not see it until I post ten times...

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