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Husband and wife are shopping in Safeway

when the man picks up a 12 pack of bud lite and sticks it into the trolley

"What do you think you're doing?" asks the wife

"They're on special, only $10 for 12 cans", he says

"Put them back. We can't afford it," says the wife and

they carry on shopping... A few aisles later the woman

picks up a $20 jar of face cream and sticks it into the trolley.

"What do you think you're doing?" asks the man,

"It's my face cream. It makes me look beautiful," she says

The man replies...

"SO DOES 12 bottles of bud lite .......AND IT'S HALF THE PRICE"

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My wife was talking to me one time about getting a breast job and I told her to just rub her breast with toilet paper ever night before she went to bed.....she wanted to know how that was going to work and I came back with well it has worked for you butt over the years :laugh::wink::laugh:

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My wife was talking to me one time about getting a breast job and I told her to just rub her breast with toilet paper ever night before she went to bed.....she wanted to know how that was going to work and I came back with well it has worked for you butt over the years :laugh::wink::laugh:


Now that is a "Clasic that NEVER gets old:laugh:

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    • By Airborne
      Hey guys been member for awhile and love this group ,kind of lost contact with social media ,i have been so busy working my property and just Racing the calender while winter is creeping in , i even slacked off Fly fishing this season , 
      As we know winter sets in and time becomes available lol, i have plenty of silly “ Quad stories to share as well as just missing the guys here great group , looking forward to winter break and tying some flys lol.     
    • By Scott Sirr
      Hey guys I am looking on input on the Itp MUD LITE XTR and the Maxxis BIG HORN 2
      They are both radials.
      I am looking for them for my 2008 YAMAHA BIG BEAR 400
      For hunting and light trail riding in Ontario 
      Thanks in advance
    • By 406offroad
      So, I have a CFMOTO C-Force 500 and I am wanting to change the spark plug. The service manual states that a special tool is needed but no part number is provided. What has everyone else used to change the spark plug?
    • By Steve Howard
      Ran find shut down the quad next day would start and idle when you try to accelerate it would start popping through the carb got a rebuild kit soaked it in chem clean after break down for 12 hours on slow vibrate reassembled and adjusted per manual still the same thing any help would be really appreciated thanks and happy ridding  
    • By JacobSlabach
      recently picked up some project bikes off CL for cheap.  got a honda fourtrax (the ancient 4x4 kind with the straight axle in the front as well as the rear and a back-up kick-start)  plastics are crap, but my goal is to get running like a champ and patch the plastics up and sell to one of my many friends that want a reliable 4x4 for dirt cheap and doesnt care what it looks like.
      so the former owner says it needs carb rebuilt, but its sat for 3+ years since so who knows.  things I see:  carb is missing (he gave me a box of parts along with the bike), engine turns over and feels good with kick-start, brakes need work, battery missing (That always puts me off, cause then I know most likely someone's been tampering with the electrical.
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    • By toonces
      Ok another three questions to help me get up to speed on getting my first ATV...
      1- It's after the court clerk has closed and you're standing there with the guy after your test drive and you've decided you really want the machine he's selling, and if you don't put cash in his hand now it might be gone tomorrow. So how do you know there's not a lien on the title or that the machine is even his? Just wondering how you go about purchasing a machine and make sure you don't get ripped off somehow title wise.
      2- How much do private parties generally come off their asking price if they haven't put something like 'FIRM' in their advertisement? Also, how much do dealerships generally come off their price?
      3- I've been told to stay away from ten year old Polaris from a number of different people, but that they've come a long way since then. How old is the oldest Polaris I should consider buying used? Around when did they start to improve in quality?
    • By marioweldinginc
      I read alot of posts about owners refusing to pay $10+ for a quart of atv oil. Going to Wallys,Autozone, Pepboys, I cant find atv oil less than 10 bux. Am i looking at the wrong oil? Im talking about oil specifically made for wet clutches. I just bought mobil1 10-40 4t synthetic (didnt have semi) and itvwas 13 a quart. lucas oil semi synthetic 20-50 was $10 a quart. Honda lube is 17 a quart and 22 a quart
      Sent from my SGH-T959V using Tapatalk
    • By FutureRaptor
      It's got really low hours, hardly used.
      Listed at $4,800.00 I offered $4,200.00
      It's a 2008 special edition raptor 700. Here's a pic.

      Decent price? Keep in mind I'm Canadian and these things are more expensive here then in the states.
      -Posted with my iPhone.
    • By payne
      Hello, new to ATV, really like the Kings found one that has 197 hrs, 800 miles, 60" plow, uni filter, rear seat w/storage and 2500 warn winch. Guy wants 4750 firm. Is this a good deal or not? Thanks.
      Anything issues i should look for when going to look at these guads? Like weak frames or what not? Thanks
    • By dctaz37
      Can anyone help me price out the labor for the following work? I did the work for a friend and wanted to know a ball park on how much it would have cost to have done.
      Description of work done:
      changed oil and filter
      removed and installed:
      plastic fenders,exhaust,racks,head,cylinder,valves,piston,battery,air box,air filter,carburetor
      repaired fender cracks
      repaired winch cable+controls
      replaced cylinder rings+intake valve
      rewired to bypass faulty switches
      replaced starter button spring
      fixed many lost bolts
      adjusted rear brakes
      installed gas cap vent
      cleaned carburetor
      adjusted valves
      2 plugs in left rear tire
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