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1987 Suzuki LT80 Electrical Upgrade

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  • Ajmboy changed the title to 1987 Suzuki LT80 Electrical Upgrade
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Hope I'm not being a nuisance here booting all these old threads Ajmboy.. but I see there have been a lot of people looking. I presume someone will have the same problems.

Hope it's not breaking the rules posting links too.. let me know if I am. I'd contribute manuals directly but my internet is slow..

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And as for the original problem of frying three sets of ignition coils and cdi units..  Cdi systems have to have a special sort of ignition coil made for a high current. If you put an after market coil on there that's not made for the cdi that would blow, and probably wreck the cdi unit.

Other than that, a bad earth somewhere, could be between the stator and the crankcase(unlikely unless it's a broken wire inside there), or the engine might not be properly earthed(also unlikely if the starter works), or the coil, or the cdi unit might not be earthed. ..

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@Mech thanks for assisting, and no issues replying to old threads. We keep them mostly open. We do have the manual in our downloads section. I have removed your link and added the direct link to the manual. If you want to share manuals, please add them to our downloads section rather than direct links here: https://www.quadcrazy.com/files/

This way we can continue the library of resources in one place for the community. Thanks!


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Good thanks for the reply.. I'm on a slow internet connection here and have trouble sending files..  If I could I would add manuals.. sorry. Thought I should ask about the policy. Some forums don't like links.. security or something I guess.

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