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Hello. I’m in the market for a new quad. Update from a 400ex. I’m looking at 2 in particular. A 2004 predator Troy lee edition all stock and in really clean shape for 1700. Or a 2008 mxr 450 with the ktm engine. Not as clean but newer. For 2000. 
I’m torn. Any with experience with either of these mind giving me some input?
Thanks in advance. 



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Thank you for the reply :)  I’m 45. I like to ride like I’m 25. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t lol. I live in Massachusetts so not much riding around here. I have a few trails out my back yard but a couple times a year we go to Jericho mountain New Hampshire where there are some pits and a lot of fire road type trails. Of course money is an issue. We have 4 kids. I had a 2008 400ex all stock but wasn’t enough. Then I was thinking getting another that was bored out or buying one and having it bored out and swapping the cam and missing that. But then looked at the price to do that and it’s cheaper to just buy a bigger atv. I was torn between these and a few Raptor’s. 
still winter here so plenty or time, but now is a great time to buy. 
i know you can’t beat the reliability and low maintenance of an air cooled 4 stroke. That makes the 400ex a thought. Man I just made this decision even harder. lol

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I  can't be a lot of help  either . .I ride  an  old  1991 Honda Fourtrax 300FW   4x4  quad  with winch added .. I  usually run  tail end  to  the  ones I ride with  because some of them  are   only  2 wheel drive and no winches .. It's no racing machine ,  but  let's face it ,  you  can  kill yourself  just  as easily   at  40-45 Mph tops  as you  can  at  70. I'm  76  and still  ride  like  I'm  25  on it. sometimes it takes me  longer to recover than  it  did  when  I was 25 though.There's not  many  places around  here  you  can  run machines  flat out  so   I've never felt hindered  by the lower top end. That's the main  question to  ask when  choosing  a ride . What  am  I  really going to  be doing with it the  most, and how  much  power and speed do  I really need ? I'm  also  partial to the  Japanese  machines  and A  Kymco (  Korean made)  machine  one of my friends ride  has also been  a great  machine for him.. I'm more a fan  of the  clutch  and gears  machines rather than the CV ones with the  belt  drive ..  Those machines  often  have a problem  with belt  slippage  after  a run  in deeper  water that  can get  in .  They  don't  slip  long once  out of the water  and the slippage quickly  heats the  belt  and clutches to  dry them  out  , but it's there  and can be a real  pain  in a wet and muddy  ride .


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      Hi all, new member here. 
      Picked up a really cheap non-runner last night from a neighbor. He had gotten it from someone else who had rebuilt it a few years ago and it has decorated his garage since.
      It is an early-90's (1992 or 93?) Suzuki LT250, but the weird part is the engine is a neon green color. I am now wondering if someone swapped the original motor out of this quad. Does anyone have experience with these that could give me a pointer as to what this could have come out of? I have heard that some Arctic Cat models had the same Suzuki motor - could that be where this came from? It is a 2WD, and has the typical chain drive/RWD system with both front and rear (rear drum) brakes. Very little rust and mostly complete, for the price I paid it isn't bad, but I am not sure how to pinpoint the engine type, and I would like to have that figured out.
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