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Kawasaki Bayou 300 Cam/head oiling issue

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Hi guys New to the forum.  i ended up here google searching for info on a bayou 300 i have here  which has a nice squeek to it. looks very much like its not getting oil fed to the head.

it was one of 2 bayous i got hold of to add to a third one i already had here.  it looks like the previous owner had diesel in the sump instead of oil.  its had fresh oil /filter in it but develops a squeek once it warms up. ive managed to work out the oil feed to the head is not getting anything so if anyone has  a circuit diagram not just the parts manifest that would help out as im still looking for a service manual to download.




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Thats why im looking for a circuit diagram, to see if i can rule out a blockage without tearing the motor too bits.. im hoping i can force some air through the filter or banjo ports to get some confirmation of flow to the head. the external oil line doesnt appear to feed the head oil gallery

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Im not sure of the year models of all 3 bikes, they all have the 3 point oil line though. i did remove the banjo fitting nearest the head on this one and ran it .  no oil  through the fitting. i can blow air through it and can get some movement visable through the valve ports in the head, i think we can look at the  oil pump being removed as the next step. this motor might be better of as a parts donor for the other 2 bikes im starting to think. this was the easiest to get running of the 3 bikes.

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I would pull the lower banjo bolt off as well to see what’s going on.  As far as the year it’s important so see if you can find the vin # and run it.  
Oil flow is pumped up, the external oil line and returned via gravity down through the timing chain and oil ports in the head.  

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Oil is moved by the oil pump low in the motor and then makes it's way up to the top of the head.  If it's not getting oil at the upper most banjo bolt/fitting then either there's a blockage in the line or the oil pump is bad.  You can take the outside oil lines and banjo bolts off and check all of them for flow.  If there's not flow through all of the above, likely oil pump is weak or just not pumping.  Oil travels to the top and then drips back down via gravity through the head and back into the crankcase.

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Thanks @MarkinAR i tried to explain this earlier in the post about the oil line.  
@Grant Fellowes what you should try to do is the following. Make sure the engine has oil, then pull the oil filter off, dump it out so it's completely empty.  Put the empty filter back on and start the engine and let it run for a few seconds. Remove the filter and see if its full. If not thats a good indicator that the pump is not working. After this you should start the engine one more time quickly without the filter on and you should see oil pumping where the filter goes. Again if no oil then the pump is not working.  

If it is the oil pump then the right side engine cover has to come off along with clutches etc to change it out. Its located down low toward the front of the engine.  Whats most likely happening is the nylon gear that drives the pump has separated from the shaft.  The gear is spinning but the shaft is not.   

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6 hours ago, MarkinAR said:

Oil is moved by the oil pump low in the motor and then makes it's way up to the top of the head.  If it's not getting oil at the upper most banjo bolt/fitting then either there's a blockage in the line or the oil pump is bad.  You can take the outside oil lines and banjo bolts off and check all of them for flow.  If there's not flow through all of the above, likely oil pump is weak or just not pumping.  Oil travels to the top and then drips back down via gravity through the head and back into the crankcase.

Yes i am aware of how it works, i was hoping someone had a circuit diagram to confirm flow direction.  my initial thoughts were the pump had failed


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2 hours ago, Frank Angerano said:

I don't think you are aware of how it works. Oil does not flow back down through the banjo bolts and into the oil line back to the crank case. You should try what was recommended since I personally have done it.  But thats up to you!  

Frank. From what it looks like externally the bango bolts and three way oil line are pressure feeding oil to the gear box, the head has an internal oil gallery that flows through the cylinder and into the head. which is why i was looking for a circuit diagram. i am only interested in the pressure side not the return. if one bango bolt is undone out of the 3 it would make zero difference  which one it was as the 3 way pipe is interconnected to them all it only serves as an indication that the oil pump is flowing something in this case it is not.  the oil return has a gallery in the head as well as the external lines from the timing gear cover baffle. does the 400cc bike have an external oil line to the head ?  this is a different kettle of fish

Edited by Grant Fellowes
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Look up oil supply line for any bayou 300. See what you find.  Ive taken 300's and 400's apart and have not seen an internal port that pumps oil up to the head to date. Either way absolute way to test the oil pump is as i described in my previous post. The oil filter test is a sure fire way to test the pump. No matter which way you may think the oil flows! Oil MUST pump through the filter correct??? So follow the steps as mentioned and you will know if the pump is in fact bad. No matter what way the oil is pumped!!



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Turned out to be a seized oil pump, looks like moisture has been in it at some time. 

what i ended up doing was plugging the oil line at the banjo fitting and using compressed air from the  oil filter housing determined the gallery to the head was clear.  i took the side cover off and there is a feed gallery that goes to the main clutch then to the head.  if anyone is curious to the oil flow direction the banjo fitting nearest the cylinder taps off this line. the gallery was dry so the oil pump then came out to reveal its problems



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