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Looking for a Volunteer

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I'm interested in finding a member who would like to try a custom LED Flood Light kit free of charge. This kit can be mounted on any model where Auxiliary Lights can be mounted. The kit includes 2 high output LED Lamps and mounting brackets. I'm interested in having a review done. If the kit works out well, I'm open to advertising it on this forum. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I'll make arrangements to send the lamp kit.

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@automatcentral I could have my oldest do some testing and feedback on his Honda 420.  He does some pretty harsh riding in mud/water/whatever and gets a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn't.  The last light bar he tried lasted a month and started collecting water behind the lens. 

BTW, your website is down. 

@automatcentral Actually, I would like a bit of clarification first please.  Are you offering a refund once the product is purchased and reviewed like you did in the Durango forum?  If so, then disregard my offer of test/review.

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@MarkinAR I no longer maintain a dedicated website.  With the increased presence of Amazon and eBay, there is less of an incentive for me to maintain a site. For clarification, my offer does not require an upfront purchase. Trusting that the recipient of the kit will do the review in a timely manner - within two weeks. Please PM me if you’re interested. 

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