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It's been awhile

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It's been awhile since my grandpa's death. Mostly over at his house cleaning out over 40 years of junk in that basement. No really we took out over 30 bags *the big black bags* of trash,2 dryer's, and 1 washer, and didnt even dent the basement.

So I'm busy to even get on here. just letting you guys know whats up.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ya thanks guys.

Ya been still cleaning that house got it down to maybe 30years left of junk left lol.

So far we had 2 yard sales at my mom's cousin's place, and when were going to have 1 at grandpa's house we have to move the truck to are house.

But awhile back I found out I was getting grandpa's truck he had, and a few other stuff.

Very sad he only drove this sonoma for about over a year.

Bought it with like 34k miles on it, and it has 41k since he last drove it a week before his death.










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so that's yours now? if so...atleast you got something he cherished. looks like its still in great condition, as it should be.....i'd be holding my head high everytime i drove it, thinkin my grandpa was sittin in the passenger seat listenin to the radio with me.

prayers are still wtih your family.... <33

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so that's yours now?

Not quiet yet in a few weeks we need to change the plates from Illinois to Missouri plates, and have it tested in Missouri to.

We might just kept the truck over at his house till we sell the house.Unless I want to kept it at our house.

looks like its still in great condition

Ya he always hand wash it atleast every 2weeks never been out in the sun much,only has a little piece chipped off under the rear bumper getting out of the driveway I notice.

i'd be holding my head high everytime i drove it, thinkin my grandpa was sittin in the passenger seat listenin to the radio with me.

Ya when I heard the news about that I was getting it. When I sat in it I started breaking down crying since. We used to drive it everytime I was up there

But 1 thing he never used that radio in there besides I think 3 times. He always had it off with the window down.

So I tested it out, and sounds good.Didnt put a CD in it yet to check that but I think that will be good to.


But ya always kept it clean, and always maintenance it when needed to.

Still miss him tho


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Sounds good. I have a piece of my Grandfather with me very often. I carried one of his knives everywhere I went for a long time. I also used to carry one of his pocket watches when I dressed up. I miss him a lot and it has been 17 years. I wish the most that he could have met his great-grandson they would have gotten along very well.

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I'll try to hurry back LOL.

But there is mostly 1 thing I will change is to take off that GMC emblem in the grill, but its all 1 piece so I might need to buy a new grill.


It's also a SLS, I just love the sport suspension thats good on the corners, good power, 16 - 22 city and 23 - 28 highway mpg. Mostly everything I need is in that truck

Unless its snows, and getting out of are neighborhood o boy I got a better chance getting my ATV up it in 2wd.



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