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2000 Yamaha Big Bear


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I am new to 4 wheelers but I just picked up a 2000 Big Bear YFM400FWN cheap. He said it had wiring issues don't know what the problem was before he kept saying it needed a new wiring harness. Well it does now the complete harness was out of the bike. I do have the old harness but really don't know where to start. My thoughts were start with a new harness but so far has been unobtainable. Any of you guys know where to start. Im ready to go back to the basics fire, gas and compression to get it running to see if engine and tranny is good, before sinking a lot of money into electronics, anyone have any ideas 

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Inspect the loom for any signs of chafing, then check at the ends of the wires where they go into plugs looking for dirty/corroded connections, and wriggle the wires just there looking for any that flex too easily, indicating the wire's broken inside it's insulation.

All of the electrical component tests are spelled out in the manual.. Most of the testing you can do without the bike running, using an ohm gauge.

After you've made ten posts you can download a manual from this site, up the top, in "More", then "atv service manuals", which takes you to a new page, in the new page on the right and down a bit you choose your make.

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Thanks members for the vote of confidence I am really overwhelmed right now . I am an older guy I thought I could fix anything until I saw this mess of wires. I mostly work on 60s Jap bikes they are easy battery ,spark gas compression. This is my first 4 wheeler and. I also have a Suzuki Eiger that I got right after that on a trade trans locked on it. Thanks again ! 

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I generally look up a parts place online and start comparing parts. Some parts places when you look up a part, will tell you what else that part fits. So.. if you look up your brakes, and fuel system, and transmission, and then check what other models have those same combination of features, that narrows it down often, then you could look up seats and bodywork, speedo, lights..   racks,  electrical parts, carbies are a good one to check, they vary a lot with markets and years..

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I picked up a 2000 Kodiak and have been doing lots of repairs.  A good manual is important. When wiring, I agree that a good ohm meter is a must!  Removing body parts makes access a lot easier. Be sure to run and secure all wiring correctly m, especially around hot areas (cylinder head, exhaust, etc.)


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    • By Gwbarm
      Still working on the 2000 Big Bear with a no spark issue. A lot of this has been covered in an older thread, but I will summarize.
      Bought it with the previous owner telling me it needed a new wiring harness, but the wiring harness was in tact and seemed to be fine, except starter solenoid and coil was missing, also the engine was stuck, and no spark plug. Got the engine free and rotating, checked compression, it was 130, not great, but good enough to run. Hooked up a battery, nothing , went through all the wiring and found starter cutout relay bad, replaced that, now I have it rotating with starter. Pulled the plug checked, no spark. Checked start/stop switch, working like it should, reverse relay was bad ,replaced that. Checked continuity from coil to CDI, good, checked pickup coil resistance, within specs, checked anti kickback coil resistance, within specs. What am I missing.
    • By Params_sweden
      Hi, I have an EU '94 KLF300 Bayou with ignition issues. I got it last summer and used it for about 20 hours, then one sunny day we used it for about an hour, parked it, and then it didn't want to start again. It has a *really* weak spark, I've only been able to see it once while testing. 
      I'm just getting started on this, I'm going to go through all the weak/no spark trouble shootings from the manual. Since I've already invested like 10 hours digesting the manual and forum threads that I possibly can, I thought that it would be nice to create a thread like this in case I come up with a solution that can help someone else.
      So far I've replaced the spark plug, I will replace the spark plug cap with a NGK VD05F (5kOhm resistance). I'm going to check the resistance in the pickup coil, stator coil and ignition coil next. I have tried two CDIs, right now I mounted the original CDI which actually gave the most output to the spark plug out of the two
      A question for you, is it possible to make any assumptions about the CDI by measuring the resistance like in the manual? There's a "resistance table" that you can refer to when measuring between the different connections. I'm asking because I haven't yet seen anyone in the forums that has mentioned that they've measured the CDI resistances and made any conclusions from that.
      I'll attach a photo of my Bayou
      Pär, Sweden

    • By stu1705
      New to the forums and hope to learn and possibly contribute where I can.
    • By Johnwick1211
      I'm new got got an 86 lt 230s seized my connecting rod bearing she a lil out of commission but a good fourwheeler
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    • By mga
      Is there any special way to align the front end so that it drives straight?
      It's not bad, but it still could use an adjustment. I'm suspecting the tie rod was improperly adjusted to compensate for the bent lower "A" arm which i replaced.
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