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ATV Buying Used No Title


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It seems every ATV i look at to buy used has no title, does everyone loose there title, or do they change hands so often the title is lost in the shuffle. The ones that do have titles are triple the price. I am new to buying used quads is this pretty standard procedure.

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I suppose it depends on state law but around here it's pretty rare to see a title unless the atv is fairly new and from the original owner.  I guess the sellers lose them or the buyers never think to ask.  Or if the buyer demanded a title the seller would just sell to someone else.  I've only seen one atv title and that's only because the person who bought it new was a close friend.

Probably the people who keep track of the title also change the oil and do maintenance often so they value the atv more.  The ones who lose the title probably forget to do a lot of things or they just don't care.

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This is in my state Mississippi may not be that way everywhere, but here 50 dollar title fee plus tag not sure how much that is plus insurance and i guess certificate of Authenticity comes from the manufacturer Honda, yamaha etc. Not even sure how to go about getting that. 

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Tags?  You shouldn't need tags to get a title.  And if you don't get tags then you won't need insurance.  Do you plan on riding on the road?

I know a guy who got tags for his atv then got pulled over and informed atvs can't have tags and can't be legally driven on the roads.  They made a mistake at the DMV.

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One other thing I thought was interesting. I went online to get a Bill of Sale for ATV. The one you are supposed to use in my state, for ATV, is personal property Bill of Sale. No place for buyers address sellers address or Vin #. Interesting they do not fall under the motor vehicle Bill of Sale like motorcycles. I still don't think iv gotten a correct answer from DMV she seemed like a deer in headlights when I asked the question.

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Did a little more research, No ATV can be operated on public roads in the state of miss. Requirements to get a title. My state does not require ATV to be titled, but this is what's involved.

Most states handle ATV titling and registration via the state motor vehicle agency.

In general, most states require some basic information for these transactions:

  • A certificate of title or manufacturer's statement of origin signed over to you.
  • A signed application for title.
  • An ATV bill of sale.
  • Proof of vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • A notarized lien release, if applicable.
  • Proof of liability insurance.
  • An application fee.
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1 hour ago, Gwbarm said:

I still don't think iv gotten a correct answer from DMV she seemed like a deer in headlights when I asked the question.

Yeah they don't know much.  She's probably answering the question about a street bike. 

Like I said my friend was issued tags then got pulled over and ticketed because tags were not supposed to be issued.  Maybe ask for the manager or ask who can provide a definitive answer.  Somebody somewhere has to know the law.

15 minutes ago, Gwbarm said:

No ATV can be operated on public roads in the state of miss.

Because they aren't designed to be on the road.  They would need dot approved street tires, mirrors, and horn at the least.  Maybe turn signals too.  It's strange they would require tags for a vehicle that can't go on the road anyway.

I think to get a title you'd have to find the one who has the title in their name and get them to file for a lost title and get a replacement, then transfer the title to you and pay the sales tax on the purchase amount plus notary fees and application fees.  That's how it usually works with cars.

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Here in Wisconsin no need for a title but if you want to ride on public trails you do need to register it every 2 years with the Department of Natural Resources.  Which at the time you register it they ask what you paid for the machine and charge you sales tax.

My $300 backup machine I just put on the trail was a total of $50 to to register.  Worth it as registration fee goes to keeping the trails open.

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Actually you have to have title and bill of sale to register it in my area . But registration is not required, it makes no sense,  I recently found out that the bill of sale to use for ATV is personal property bill of sale of sale not motor vehicle bill of sale ,no where to put vin # or anything identifying the ATV. I just wanted to get a title in my name probably don't even need it at all.

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On 9/6/2022 at 9:06 AM, WisQuad said:

Here in Wisconsin no need for a title but if you want to ride on public trails you do need to register it every 2 years with the Department of Natural Resources.  Which at the time you register it they ask what you paid for the machine and charge you sales tax.

My $300 backup machine I just put on the trail was a total of $50 to to register.  Worth it as registration fee goes to keeping the trails open.

I also live in Wisconsin and appreciate you clarifying that. I just purchased my first (and soon to be second) ATV and need to get the state trails registration. I was not exactly sure how the title worked either so that is super helpful. I know around us, everyone uses ATVs on the road as our county allows it, and that is the other advantage to registration.

If we were not allowed to use them on roads and trails, there is really no reason why I would be titling/registering in the first place. Since Mississippi does not allow operation on roads, I wonder if you could skip titling all together and save some cash?

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