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2021 Axis 500 Noise when coasting downhill

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If the clanking's a metallic sound, I'd be checking the axle's universals I think. If it's something like a uj it would sound quite clear, but if it was in the gearbox then it would be a bit muffled and in a different direction. If it was trying to jump gears, having a hand on the gear change might give some indication.. it would jump.

You should be able to identify where the sounds coming from a bit better if you lean and/or turn towards all four corners or the drive belt/transmission as it's making the noise. Perhaps get someone else to drive while you clamber around and lean over the sides..haha.. It's what mechanics do..

Given the "clanking" description I'd check out metal to metal contacts before taking the belt covers off. I haven't had much experience with belt drives though and Gw may know they can make quite clanking noises.. 

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TonyWright-did you ever confirm specifically what the issue was?  I have a 1 year old Axis 500 that seems like it is having the same issue.  Engine makes a rattling noise when coasting downhill (no throttle).  87 hours on the machine-I changed the oil and filter around 50 hours as recommended with oil for wet clutch.  This is my third issue with the machine...already replaced driveshaft and fuel injector...really frustrated

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