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What year and what model of lt230?


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So, I just bought this quad off a acquaintance of mine… anyways, it’s missing the airbox which I’m trying to purchase if I could only figure out the year and what model of lt230 it is due to having only 9 visible digits for a vin…guy said he had the title at one point and lost it when he moved houses after the flood of 08 in Iowa….I just desperately need to know what model this thing is so I can start getting to work on it….it does run after a good carb cleaning….I’m having trouble getting it to idle though due to essentially just having a rigged up air filter with no airbox on the bike…I’ve sanded down the plastics and it looks like the original color was orange and the seat I believe is either from a different Suzuki or it’s been painted gold and black? The plastic nose part is originally black…it has the lever for reverse by the sprocket it has a pull string to start and I think originally it has electric start as well….idk I’ve had to bypass and use a screwdriver on the starter Solenoid to get it to start …someone has definitely done some rigging with the wiring as well.but if anyone has any clue what I need to look for to identify the year and actual model so I can get the right stuff. I’d appreciate it.




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Based on what little I can see of the swingarm it's either 87 or 88.  In 85 and 86 they had a cam type chain adjuster.  In 87 they changed to bolts and slots.

If it has a starter then it's a 230E, but it doesn't look like one.  It could have a Goki starter which were popular add-ons back in the 80s.  If so that may be worth more than the quad.  Post a pic of the mag cover and I could say more.

Honestly, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

It looks like the swingarm bearings are toast, which is a common problem.  Another common problem is the chain coming off and smashing the magneto cover.  Those run about $200 if you can find them anymore.  If you have a Goki you definitely don't want to smash that.

Also the wrist pin is rather weak which lets the piston flop around leading to smoking.  In 1990 they up graded from 16mm pin to 17mm, but they only made those engines 2 years and are really hard to find.  A 230 that doesn't smoke is pretty rare.

You're going to have to replace practically everything from a-arm bushings and swingarm bearings to magneto coils and maybe valves.  The amount of work involved isn't going to be worth it unless you just like to work and spend money.  That quad was one of the first and Suzuki cleaned up many of the problems in 1990.

If you could post what you have of the VIN and some more pics of the side and swingarm I could say more.  Also what is your goal with the quad?



Edit.  I'm sorry.  I meant to say 1989 and 1990 is when Suzuki cleaned up the problems with the 230.  They did it to compete with Honda's 250X.

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Yep it's the lightest full size quad ever made.  Mine is right around 300lbs wet.  I can bunny hop it with the engine off in the garage.  I guess the bad part of the goki starter is it adds a bit of weight.

Another unique feature is the stroke (67mm) is longer than the bore (66mm).  I don't know of any other quad that is under-square.  On top of that, 67mm is a long stroke for any quad in its class.  It's longer than the 350 Warrior.

The torque and light weight make for a unique riding experience.  They will also handle a lot of abuse so long as the chain stays on and the rod doesn't break.

Here's one with a turbo:


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