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polaris rzr 170


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so who wants to help figure out a no start on rzr 170

brought to me.  brakes don't work bleeder screw snapped off caliper in rear. went to remove and bleeder ripped threads out of caliper. so i need a $300 part for that.

wont run unless WOT. fuel pump works. tried cleaning original carb. that didnt work. tried a cheapo carb that didnt work. tried fresh fuel. new plug.  spark seems to be weak but everything test ok according to the manual, did valve adjustment nothing seems to help.

doesnt help that when i got it there was 4inches of mud on the motor and the cooling fan was clogged. any direction to go would be helpful thanks.

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will check.  im glad i found a forum that everyone wants to help each other instead of making fun of people. ive been kawi master certified for years and sometimes you just need someone else's thoughts to nudge you in the right direction.  thanks will respond after i check it out some more.


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so i was wrong its not a egr its air injection. 

has spark will pop off when at idle but wont run. and when i give it full throttle blows smoke smells like raw fuel will run wide open. pulled factory carb back apart. and its spotless. double checked all idle circuit passages and they are clear. going to reinstall factory carb. same issue. with mech's advice I stuck a piece of vacuum line on the two ports on intake to rule out an air leak. and what do you know it idled like crap but its a start hopefully with some tuning it will run 

thanks mech!

ill post again when i get it sorted

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got the engine to idle. seems to be running rich but is running. at first wouldn't take throttle. i had forgot rzr 170 limits engine speed to almost idle if p-brake is on. so hooked air solenoid back up ran fine. hooked up fuel pump and wouldn't run.  p.s. I've been running it on a bottle to rule out fuel delivery issues.  fuel line from fuel pump not hooked to motor. got out my vacuum pump and tried applying vacuum and fuel came out of the vacuum port on fuel pump and hold zero vacuum funny thing is it still wants to pump fuel. has anyone seen this before? going to order cheap fuel pump for diag. purposes.

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The fuel pump will have a hole in it's diaphragm I'd think. The hole may only show up when the diaphragm is flexed to a certain point.  

I should have probably clicked earlier that it could be the pump leaking..  seen it before and it fits the symptoms perfectly..  My bad.

Good work..

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