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Valve stem seals question


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Thats exactly what it is, oil is leaking down into the combustion chamber from bad seal, doesn't really cause any problems, I just don't like seeing the smoke. I have a John Deere that does that, it started doing it after the second year of service, and it doesn't have many Hrs on it it bugs me but I try to ignore it.

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18 minutes ago, Gwbarm said:

The sad part , you could have replaced them very easily when you had the head off.

I think, all I took of was the top cover to change the timing chain or, do they make a spring compressor for ATVs where you don't have to pull the head to the back side of the valves also? Please, correct me if I'm wrong working on atvs is a new adventure for me.

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Yeah, that's what I'm going to do. I've got to find out what's up with my rear brakes now. I must have a leak somewhere the rear master cylinder level is really low with no resistance at all to the pedal. I wired the pedal down when removing crank case cover and forgot to release it. I guess being under pressure, the fluid found a weak point to exit. Seems like one thing after the other lol!

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