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It's strange but I don't get much advertising. I'm a paid up member, but even before I was I never got much, nothing that I couldn't dismiss from the bottom of the page with a click of the mouse. If I sign out and come back as a guest I still don't get advertising, but, then, I'm using linux, so perhaps that explains it..  except.. I boot into windows ten, and I still don't see any advertising, no matter whether I'm signed in or a guest..

Perhaps there is some security setting or spam setting I've got right, or perhaps it's when people look in from their phone, which I haven't tried..  but for some reason, some of you sound like you get a lot more advertising that I do.

I reckon there will be a reason though..  Settings I suspect.

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Yeah but if I log in as a guest I don't get advertising..  I use mozilla firefox.. for linux, or Win ten with er..  some gimmicky thing..  Edge I think it's called. As a casual visitor I don't get much advertising.. 

I have all my security settings set to not interact with the world automatically as much as possible. I'm an internet hermit..

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When I first signed up I got a few ads, just one click and they go away and after being on for about 3 months started getting more, I was so used to just clicking them off I didn't notice. About a month ago I started getting this square appearing in the middle of my screen and totally locked it until you watched an add, rather annoying. I am using Mac with Safari nothing special. I then decided to join, I had been meaning to anyway, this is the best site iv been on with a lot of activity and helpful people and I wanted to support it and the efforts of the Administrators.

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