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Replacement brake pads Honda 400ex


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go factory if you can of course, and a major brand name if they want too much gold....

you shouldn't have any problems- those are really easy. just bleed off the pressure and push the piston back in. There are many tools available to do this if needed or you can make your own. I use welding visegrips and they work fine. Any problems let us know! Don't forget to top off the master cylinder when you are done!!!! clean, new DOT3/4 fluid [whatever it says on the cover.]

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EBC is a good choice for most rides, tho there are some exceptions out there. Kodiaks will squeak, for instance, unless you use factory pads! Same with a LOT of the Hondas. It has something to do with the pad material. All you can do is try them and see. If mine starts to squeak I just pop em out and sand them with fine sandpaper, rotor too.

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I am new on here so I don't know about how most ride so I don't know if you ride your 400 very hard or not. Brake pads for most every vehicle made now come in different types of material, Some are harder (racing compounds) and meant to be used harder, They don't work as well till they get some heat in them. So if you don't usually get a lot of heat in your brakes they may not work as well for you as stock type pads would. If you get brake fade (overheated pads) you might be a good candidate for racing pads.

No matter what style you use I always suggest googleing "bedding brake pads" for techniques on seating the pads or shoes into the mating surface.:coolgleamAc:

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