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Found some interesting news online when I googled Yamaha yesterday. Not sure when this went down, but Yamaha bought a percentage of Linhai (a Chinese manufacturing company) and are providing technology for Scooters, and more importantly for this forum, ATV's.

Seeing as how not everyone can AFFORD the crazy prices that have skyrocketed over the past 15 years. Yamaha and Linhai are trying to produce a more affordable model by manufacturing out of CHINA! I found a pretty substantial savings at RidersWholesale.com over what they want you to pay at the local Yamaha Dealer.

Just spreading the word. Let me know what you think about this. You can check out the Technical Specs Here

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I googled "Yamaha" and did not find one thing on Linhai, I also cannot find one press release on Yamaha producing these things. All I see is some threads from other forums. I'd like to see some more proof, maybe an official press release of some sort. Looks like your basic Chinese off brand ATV...

I'm not sure I would take a chance of getting laughed at on the trails...LOL...

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I think that was Yamoto, they sued.

"Yamaha Motor Company, U.S.A., Cypress, Calif., has obtained a consent judgment in its lawsuit against Yamoto Motor Corporation, Union City, Calif. Yamoto has agreed to stop the import and sale of Yamoto products into the United States that Yamaha claimed were copycats of its products. " Judgment for Yamaha modifies Yamoto line-up.(ATV Digest) | Article from Powersports Business | HighBeam Research

Thank you , Admin!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the site, this looks familiar!

Just looking for some input. There are other sites that have these atvs as well, but this one just had video and better pics than the others. They are here as well ATVs,and CUVs that are good quality vehicles and available at bargain prices. We carry Yamaha linhai and Hensim products.I just can't afford to pay the premium price for the name. Have you heard of this brand before?

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I googled "Yamaha" and did not find one thing on Linhai, I also cannot find one press release on Yamaha producing these things. All I see is some threads from other forums. I'd like to see some more proof, maybe an official press release of some sort. Looks like your basic Chinese off brand ATV...

I'm not sure I would take a chance of getting laughed at on the trails...LOL...

Here is the press release that I read when I posted earlier.

China Begins UTV Production - Dealernews

I googled "linhai yamaha press release" and it is on the first page.

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So....Are you selling these?? or wanting to buy them???

If you want an opinion,,,,Ill give ya mine....

If you want quality....Buy a Brand Name Product...Brand Name ATV's have been around longer than you have been Alive and Service is available at any Shop.....The Knock offs are like putting money in a Slot machine....Pull the handle and waste your money.....

At least that is what I have seen over the yrs....

Unless you are buying a little 50cc or 90cc that wont be abused by an adult....these I have found hold up very well and you can pretty much get your money back out of it when they outgrow it....The Larger CC's that Teens and Adults ride will Break....Ive seen Several that Friends have had just Break within Months....With no Recourse.....

You get what you pay for.....:yes:

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Welcome to the site, this looks familiar!

LOL, thanks for the nice responses. My brother told me to get some opinions before I bought one. He told me that there were very knowledgeable people on discussion forums that would probably know something about that particular model. I have joined at least 4 different forums, and didn't want to type it again. The power of cut and paste.

I guess I was hoping to find someone who already had one to see if they broke down all the time, or if it was really a good value for the money.

Looks like so far no one on this forum owns one, so I am not sure if I want to be the guinea pig.

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]I just can't afford to pay the premium price for the name. Have you heard of this brand before?

I would truly look for something used from a major company. The problem with the Chinese models, is that there is no quality control coming out of China. It is rarely the motor that gives way. Welds break, brackets fall off, bolts are missing. These are all common mishaps with the Chinese brands. There is RARELY any support from the company in case of something happening and replacement parts are scarce. How much are these going for new?

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The last thing I would ever want to do is to scare someone away from buying the ride they want. I will never bash anyone for what they ride or what they can afford. I just don't want you to take that chunk of change, and get something that will break in 2 months. Then you spent your 1500 or 2000, whatever the case may be on a big paperweight because you can't get a new part. Look around at local shops for used rides. Craigslist.com in your area. There are lot's of different places to look. The fact that no one has heard of the company is what is kind of weird.

What kind of budget are you on? We can get you on a good ride that will last you a good 10 years or more.

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