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Which quad should I get?


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Hey everyone, I am new to this forum, and new to riding. Here is what happened, I just started riding with my friends last summer, Using their machines to get an idea of what i want, but i am more confused than ever. Here is what I have been on and my feelings about them Raptor 660, speed and tourqe feel good and controlable but the thing handles like a brink very top heavy. Yzf 450 This thing is insane fast, honestly way to fast for me the throttle is like an on off switch, handles incredibly very balanced. honda 300ex way to slow factory tires make it handle poorly. I have also road some dirtbikes mainly ktm 200 2 stroke. I like the feel of a 2 stroke motor, I do however like the reliability of a 4 stroke. Im not looking to spend a ton on a quad but I want to have fun I dont want to be bored and not keeping up with my firends. Oh I had road a utility quad, and hated every minute of it except the thing keeps you really dry when the tracks are flooded. Help we ride train tracks flat ground, woops, and trails. Every dealer I go to just wants me to buy their brand and doesnt give informative help just trying to sell me a quad.

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Welcome to the site!

You should check out the 400 class or even the Raptor 700.

The Raptor 660s feel very tippy but the 700 feels much more stable and has very manageable power band. The 400s, there is the 400EX from Honda, probably the slower of the 400s but arguably the best trail quad of all time. The Z400 from Suzuki and the KFX400 from Kawasaki are both great machine too.

With your riding exp I would recommend a 400EX. They are a very solid machine and in time it can be built to go as fast as the 450s. So when you get to the point when you want more speed, and it will come, the 400 is very capable.

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No problem!!!

You can find some great deals on a 400EX and they run forever.

I TOTALLY agree with Bot...maybe it's cause I own a 400EX...Mine is a 2000 model, I race it...I keep up with people in the woods just fine...depending on what they're riding they can sometimes get me in the fields...

Whats great about the 400ex is it's been around for so long that you can get almost anything for it to soup it up and make it yours....

Let us know what you're goin to get!! Check out eBay...some dealers are sellin left over models for under 4000!!

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Is it smarter to buy a used 400ex or 250. From what I have read they feel similar and the 250r would handle better because of its lighter weight . I also have read that It is a lot more maintnence to upkeep a 2 stroke.

The EX is going to be more versitile in that you can ride it fast or you can ride it slow. Like Stoopidbot said, you have to keep them on the pipe, or you will load up and foul plugs. As far as maintenance goes, the EX may go longer before it needs any thing, but the 250R will cost less in parts as it has no timing chain, no cams and no valves. Both are great bikes IMO.

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Well I gotta wait for my tax return to come in then Im going to look for the honda 400ex, I have also started looking at the suzuki ltz400 but my friend said suzukis are not the best machines they break down a lot. I cant really see this since they have been making them for so long I mean quality control guys must get fired for doing things wrong ( or maybe thats just the way I think).

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I looked at some of those chinese made atvs they are crap inside and out. which quad has a lower center of gravity the 400ex or the ltz400 I want something that handles really great for woops and trails Im in New jersey so not to rocky plus the trails are very visible and upkept well. Oh does anyone in this ride in nj my buddies and I are always looking for more people to ride with. ( responsible only no wheelies across or down roads, keep it quiet around houses it is illegal where we ride and the cops dont give us grief because me make every effor not to be obnoxious)

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I am with Bot I don't think you can go wrong with any of the name brands Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki all make 400 class machines. The Suzuki and Kawasaki motors are both made by Suzuki and it is very good quality machines not that the Honda is not I was just replying to what you said about Suzukis breaking down.

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Thats is the opinion I am starting to get from most so its gonna be a 400. The only reason I like the idea of the 250r is weight. The lighter the machine the easier it is to throw around in the trails but we do take it slow every now and then so I dont feel like changing plugs in the middle of the woods, plus if I do stall I dont want to have a kick start to be playing with all the time.

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I love my 400ex...like i said in my last post, i race harescrambles....I ride with a CanAm DS450 and a YFZ450....I can keep up with them tight in the woods but they can get me in a long field section....if its a short field section I can pretty much keep up with them well...

I really think you can't go wrong with gettin the 400ex....and I'm not only saying that because I own one...a lot of my friends own and race them as well...pretty good quality machines. If you do get one used ask a lot of questions....how someone takes care of a machine has to be a factor in what you are buying.

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Agreed, the 400EX is not the same caliber as the new 450's. These new fourstrokes are quite a bit more performance oriented than previous ones. It would take some more serious work and probably some added displacement before you can start running with the 450's. On the other hand, the newer motors are more tempermental and less reliable.

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      Continuing its ongoing efforts to enhance the ownership experience, Polaris is significantly expanding its RIDE COMMAND service with the all-new RIDE COMMAND+. Building on RIDE COMMAND’s existing suite of industry-leading features, RIDE COMMAND+ helps riders stay connected to their vehicle through a robust, mobile-enabled service that provides a whole new level of vehicle information, security, and control. RIDE COMMAND+ is accessed through the Polaris app, RIDE COMMAND website, or the in-vehicle display system.
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      Adding to an already-robust set of offerings, Polaris will continue to expand the RIDE COMMAND+ service with even more industry-leading features using Over the Air (OTA) updates. Coming later in 2022, RIDE COMMAND+ will offer its riders added security with Location and Bump Alerts. Bump Alert, a 24/7 monitoring feature, will send a notification any time the vehicle has been bumped or moved. If moved, the Vehicle Locator feature will provide its latest coordinates. In addition, Polaris will introduce Ride Tracking+, where riders can automatically track their rides using the vehicle’s GPS location without having to use their mobile phone’s data. After the ride, riders will be able to generate a full report from the day’s ride, including time logged, miles traveled, waypoints and elevation changes. The report is a fun and helpful tool to not only relive the ride, but to plan future trips.
      RIDE COMMAND+ will launch standard on all 2023 RANGER XP Kinetic models and all 2023 RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Trail Boss Edition models. The service is available as an accessory add-on for all trims in the following 2023 models: RANGER 1000, RANGER XP 1000, RANGER 570, Sportsman 570, Sportsman 450, Sportsman 850 and Sportsman XP 1000. Polaris plans to further roll out vehicle compatibility for RIDE COMMAND+.
      Riders can access the new service via the Polaris mobile app, web, or the in-vehicle, seven-inch touchscreen display system. Riders will receive a 36-month trial of RIDE COMMAND+ when purchasing the stock models standard with the service. Riders adding RIDE COMMAND+ via accessory will receive a 12-month trial. At the conclusion of each trial period, riders can sign up and continue the service for $99/year.
      To activate RIDE COMMAND+, riders must download and login to the Polaris app and add the connected vehicle to their digital garage.
      RANGER continues to set the bar high with several rider-inspired upgrades across its 2023 lineup.
      The 2023 RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Trail Boss comes packed with new upgrades specifically designed to meet the demands of hardworking riders. The NorthStar Trail Boss gets a new LED rear work light to illuminate the bed of the vehicle and make it easier to work in low-light conditions. A new 12V cargo box power port provides mobile power for seamless, convenient operation of sprayers. NorthStar Trail Boss also receives a new overhead switch panel so customers can add additional lighting and other accessory switches easier than ever before. Last, this model will come factory-installed with the new RIDE COMMAND+ technology. All other RANGER XP 1000 and 1000 customers can also purchase the new LED rear work light, 12V cargo box power, overhead switch panel as optional accessories.
      The 2023 RANGER lineup receives additional upgrades so customers can work and play in total confidence. To improve performance in low-light conditions, RANGER installed LED headlights to all Premium trims, now including the RANGER SP 570 Premium, RANGER 1000 Premium, and RANGER XP 1000 Premium. Additionally, the RANGER SP 570 Premium, RANGER XP 1000 Premium, and RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar will come stock with a USB charging port in the dash so customers can stay connected and charge small electronic devices while on the go.
      2023 RANGER Model Lineup:
      RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar Trail Boss: Starting at $32,399 ($39,099 CAN) RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar: Starting at $27,899 ($33,499 CAN) RANGER 1000 Premium: Starting at $17,899 ($21,599 CAN) RANGER 1000 Premium CREW: Starting at $19,699 ($23,699 CAN) RANGER XP 1000: Starting at $20,299 ($24,499 CAN) RANGER XP 1000 CREW: Starting at $22,099 ($26,199 CAN) RANGER SP 570: Starting at $11,699 ($14,799 CAN) RANGER SP 570 CREW: Starting at $13,499 ($16,999 CAN) The 2023 RANGER lineup will begin shipping to dealers this fall. To learn more about the 2023 RANGER family, please visit https://ranger.polaris.com/en-us/ or join the conversation and follow on Facebook®, Instagram®, YouTube® and Twitter®.
      For RANGER accessory news, Polaris is launching an all-new Prospector Pro 2.0 track system across all off-road brands. These new tracks are built with flexible sides and a slight curve toward the inside to allow stable handling, a more comfortable ride, precise steering for long-distance riding and long working hours.
      Polaris partner Kolpin is also expanding its line of storage solutions to meet more riders’ needs in advance of the upcoming fall and hunt seasons.
      The Polaris RZR lineup continues to push the limits and accelerate beyond the everyday with industry-leading technology, performance and design.
      The high-performance, next-level strong RZR Turbo R will feature new black fenders and rockers, plus two new colorways. Whether you’re looking to make a statement on the trail or fly under the radar with a dark and menacing look, the RZR Turbo R can suit either desire as it’s now available in Orange Madness and Matte Onyx Black. The multi-terrain RZR Pro XP also features a rugged design to take on tough terrain, while still providing all-day comfort. In 2023, the RZR Pro XP Premium trim will now feature a PMX head unit by Rockford Fosgate to take your audio experience to the next level.
      Full 2023 RZR Model Lineup:
      Polaris RZR Pro R: Starting at $37,499 ($46,399 CAN), available in 2-seat and 4-seat Polaris RZR Turbo R: Starting at $27,799 ($34,499 CAN), available in 2-seat and 4-seat Polaris RZR Pro XP: Starting at $24,599 ($29,999 CAN), available in 2-seat and 4-seat Polaris RZR XP 1000: Starting at $21,899 ($26,999 CAN), available in 2-seat and 4-seat Polaris RZR Trail S: Starting at $17,899 ($21,399 CAN) Polaris RZR Trail: Starting at $15,499 ($18,499 CAN) The 2023 RZR Trail, RZR Trail S and RZR XP 1000 will begin shipping to dealers this fall, while the 2023 RZR Pro XP, RZR Turbo R and RZR Pro R will begin shipping this winter. Both the 2023 RZR Pro R and Turbo R models will be available for demos at Trail Hero and Camp RZR later this year. To learn more about the 2023 RZR family, please visit Polaris.com/RZR or join the conversation and follow on Facebook®, Instagram®, YouTube® and Twitter®.
      Along with the 2023 RZR updates, Polaris is launching a variety of new accessories, including a refresh of the full Pro Armor lighting portfolio. This update brings stronger output, along with an improved design, to all single-row/dual-row light bars and cube spot lights, which have fitment across the four off-road brands. Additionally, some of the products have a new amber lens option, which helps light cut through dust and snow for greater visibility.
      Two new Pro Armor wheels are launching for RZR, providing additional customization offerings for riders. These join new size options coming to a handful of existing tire styles.
      Lastly, Polaris partner Pro Armor is expanding the lineup of grills and steering wheels, with multiple colors and trim levels to deliver next-level customization to side-by-side riders.
      Designed and purpose-built as the ultimate machine for riders and their gear, the Polaris GENERAL is the perfect machine for adventurers seeking new destinations.
      New in 2023, Polaris expands its lineup to include the GENERAL XP 1000 Sport, which will be available in both two- and four-seat models. As the entry-level model, this new Sport trim makes GENERAL XP 1000 even more accessible to riders, while still offering the same class-leading capabilities, comfort and style.
      2023 GENERAL Model Lineup:
      GENERAL XP 1000 Ultimate: Starting at $29,299 ($35,999 CAN), available in 2-seat and 4-seat GENERAL XP 1000 Premium: Starting at $26,999 ($33,299 CAN), available in 2-seat and 4-seat GENERAL XP 1000 Sport: Starting at $24,499 ($29,599 CAN), available in 2-seat and 4-seat GENERAL 1000 Sport: Starting at $18,199 ($22,599 CAN), available in White Lightning with new eye catching graphics and a new hood, in 2-seat The 2023 GENERAL lineup will begin shipping to dealers this fall. To learn more about the 2023 GENERAL family, please visit https://general.polaris.com/en-us/ or join the conversation and follow on Facebook®, Instagram®, YouTube® and Twitter®.
      Polaris Sportsman, the long-standing No. 1 selling automatic 4x4 ATV, gets exciting new colors on the 450, 570 and 850 lineup for a fresh look and feel. Additionally, 2023 Sportsman 450 and 570 models include redesigned rear rack extenders – making the vehicle more versatile. The rack extender will help riders pack more cargo, while its convenient cargo tie-down anchor will secure items and keep them from sliding off while riding. Building on Sportsman’s legendary toughness, new CV guards were added on the Sportsman 570 EPS and Premium models for added durability and protection in rough terrain.
      2023 Sportsman Model Lineup:
      Sportsman 450: Starting at $6,999 ($8,499 CAN) Sportsman 570: Starting at $7,999 ($9,299 CAN) Sportsman 850: Starting at $10,699 ($12,799 CAN) Sportsman 1000: Starting at $15,499 ($18,499 CAN) The 2023 Sportsman lineup will begin shipping to dealers this fall. To learn more about the 2023 Sportsman family, please visit https://atv.polaris.com/en-us/ or join the conversation and follow on Facebook®, Instagram®, YouTube® and Twitter®.
      With continued commitment to grow the off-road community, the Polaris ORV Youth lineup sets the standard for the next generation of riders. For 2023, Polaris expands its Outlaw 70 EFI lineup with an all-new Limited Edition (LE) trim option in Lime Squeeze, providing stand-out style while still offering class-leading capabilities and comforts in this kid-friendly ATV. The 2023 RANGER 150 EFI utility side-by-side comes equipped with new seat belt and shift boot covers, while also showcasing a new Avalanche Grey color. Parents can still expect the same top-of-the-line safety features in all Youth side-by-sides including helmet-aware technology, digital speed limiting and geofencing, while Youth ATV’s come with an adjustable speed limiter and safety tether.
      2023 Youth Model Lineup:
      Outlaw 70 EFI Limited Edition: Starting at $2,399 ($2,899 CAN) Outlaw 70 EFI: Starting at $2,399 ($2,899 CAN) Outlaw 110 EFI: Starting at $3,599 ($4,299 CAN) Sportsman 110: Starting at $3,599 ($4,299 CAN) Phoenix 200: Starting at $4,499 ($5,199 CAN) RANGER 150 EFI: Starting at $6,299 ($7,299 CAN) RZR 200 EFI: Starting at $6,799 ($7,799 CAN) The 2023 Polaris Youth lineup will begin shipping to dealers this winter.
      To learn more about the Polaris ORV 2023 lineup and to stay up to date on testing and demo opportunities, please visit https://offroad.polaris.com/en-us/ or join the conversation and follow on Facebook®, Instagram®, YouTube® and Twitter®.
      About Polaris
      As the global leader in powersports, Polaris Inc. (NYSE: PII) pioneers product breakthroughs and enriching experiences and services that have invited people to discover the joy of being outdoors since our founding in 1954. Polaris’ high-quality product line-up includes the Polaris RANGER®, RZR® and Polaris GENERAL™ side-by-side off-road vehicles; Sportsman® all-terrain off-road vehicles; military and commercial off-road vehicles; snowmobiles; Indian Motorcycle® mid-size and heavyweight motorcycles; Slingshot® moto-roadsters; Aixam quadricycles; Goupil electric vehicles; and pontoon and deck boats, including industry-leading Bennington pontoons. Polaris enhances the riding experience with a robust portfolio of parts, garments, and accessories. Proudly headquartered in Minnesota, Polaris serves more than 100 countries across the globe. www.polaris.com
      The Brand Amp
      [email protected]

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    • By rebeltaz
      I've got an 03 Prairie 360 4x4 that needs a left front ball joint and knuckle assembly. On the diagram (from PartShark - https://www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/kaw/50a852a0f870021a9c423c20/suspension ) they show the ball joint as a part of the knuckle assembly, extending down into the lower a-arm and held on with a nut. On the four wheeler I have, the ball joint is pressed into the lower a-arm and extends upwards into the knuckle assembly and is held in place with a bolt going horizontally, clamping the ball joint in place.

      Any idea on why the diagram is different and how I can find the actual parts I need?
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