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Done, I just can't believe this is happening, seems like someone would have thought to make some exceptions to this law before passing it.

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sent it... i wont be getting a lot of stuff in the mail will i?

Can't make any promises! If you do... my house will get twice as much.

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Can't make any promises! If you do... my house will get twice as much.

alright well atleast its for a good cause i dont mind a few letters here and their

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Pretty sad when your children can eat lead laced toys but can't ride a dirtbike or atv there size. Makes me sick to see honest enjoyment get taken away like this.:aargh::aargh::aargh::rantc::soapbox::dammit::brickwall::usflag:

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This is the 2nd one I've sent. I can't beleive the authors of this bill didn't have enough foresight... Ooops, gotta go. My kids eating his dirtbike again!:confused:

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      Please go to my blog to learn how you can help stop the ban on Youth ATVs!! This is something we need to do NOW! We have got to make a difference or this ban is going to irreversibly change our ATV World and Community in a way that will hurt us all !
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    • By ATVsToday
      Attention BRC Action Alert Subscriber,
      On February 10, 2009, a new law regulating lead content in certain products will go into effect. This could adversely affect companies that manufacture or distribute youth model all-terrain vehicles and off-highway motorcycles. Dealers that sell and service those products would be impacted as well.
      The Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) and the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) have urgently requested the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and federal legislators to take a common sense approach to implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act's lead provisions.
      SVIA and MIC have announced their intention to join several of their member companies in filing petitions with the CPSC for emergency relief from the provisions. They are also seeking a temporary final rule to exempt ATV and motorcycle parts in order to avoid major disruptions to enthusiasts, to the member companies' businesses, and to the companies' dealer network of thousands of small, independent businesses, which employ tens of thousands of Americans.
      BRC is asking all OHV users to contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission and their elected officials today!
      Use the following links to send your comments and to contact your Congressional Representatives.
      Included below is a sample letter regarding the potential ban of all youth-oriented OHVs, which starts February 10, 2009.
      CPSC Comment Page
      Send a message to CPSC's Information Center
      BRC Rapid Response Center to contact Members of Congress
      Rapid Response Center - BlueRibbon Coalition
      Thanks in advance for your support,
      Ric Foster
      Public Lands Department Manager
      BlueRibbon Coalition
      PS: BRC needs your support via membership and donations to help us continue our efforts to champion responsible OHV access to public lands. To sign up as a member or to make a donation, Click Here:
      Sample Letter:
      As a member of the OHV community, I want to voice my strong support for petitions filed recently by the Motorcycle Industry Council and Specialty Vehicle Institute of America to seek emergency relief from provisions, which go into effect on February 10, 2009.
      While I do support efforts by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect children from lead content in products that truly present a risk to children, I do not believe the Commission intended that metal parts on ATVs and motorcycles be included in that regulation because they do not present a lead risk to children.
      As the spring OHV recreation season rapidly approaches, I ask you to support efforts to exclude youth-oriented OHVs - and the businesses that sell and service them - from being unnecessarily impacted by this ban, especially during this economic crisis.
      Your name &
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      If you live in MA, ride in MA, have kids, ride an ATV, or can spare a buck or two- maybe more- please donate.
      Help the MA ORV community hire a lobbyist to fight for our riding rights. First task will be to change the language on
      House Bill 3592. This bill, which has the strong possibility of becoming a law would make it illegal for 14 year olds and younger to ride ATV's in the state of MA-YES even on private property! Parents would get fined and could have their license taken away and could possibly serve time in JAIL!!!!! More HERE
      Not long ago ago there were about 32 state parks in MA offering ATV/ORV trails, now there are just 3- Don't have a date but look at this DOCUMENT
      Write to the Legislators
      You can read more about the bill and its progress Here
      You can read about donating RIGHT HERE!
      Thank you!!!!
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