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one issue with the userbar

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I was on the new members page i think, and it scrolled up in the middle and stayed there..Weird i took a screenshot but forgot to save. maybe just me. it hasnt happened but only once

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I think they were testing it out, because it's changed a few times. It is dong that on this page:

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      Hi everyone, I received a 98 Yamaha Timberwolf from my brother for free, and I'm working on getting it going. 
      I am having the following problem: 
      The engine is backfiring through the carb. 
      I have done the following to try and get the four wheeler running: 
      Rebuilt the carb and set the air screw to 1-1/4 turn out and the circlip at middle position 3
      Replaced the coil, because the cable was loose at the coil end
      Repaired the main ground, coming from the battery
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      Tested the kill switch and it tested good
      New coil tested goodfor both primary and secondary coils
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