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Post up pics of yours or others lil riders or future riders!!!

This is our friend's little boy, Christopher Michael. He loves to ride already and loves QUADCRAZY too! :yes: (and so does dad as you can see in the pic sportin that hoodie!)





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Ok,,,,,,You asked for them:laugh: I am a Picture taking fool.....Im not good at it but I just love to take pictures....So I do have a few for your enjoyment....Most of them have already been posted though....But I dont mind posting them again...:yes:

This is my youngest Garrett.....I think from age 3 till now age 7.....

WAIT!!!!!!! Found one of him at age about 1 on one of my Honda 250R's:wink:


Him at age 3


All Three of my Kids


Garrett and Lane (my oldest son)


Look who just might inherit my Z


Ok,,,,Ive Decided not to bore you with ALL OF THEM....LMAO!!!! Plus its time Consuming finding them all.....

So here are just a few more Recent ones....






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Ok,,,,,Garrett just woke up.....He is wondering why I didnt post his Sexy Quadracer Picture for all the Young Ladies out there (He is hitting me right now) LMAO!!!!





OK IM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wink:

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here is a picture of a kid that was camped next to us at the dunes last year... We were giving one of my buddies crap that this kid could ride better than him...


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Great pictures guys! Keep em coming.

MWKE, when we go camping together the amount of pictures will be crazy. Between you and Drtygrl...

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Here's my mini's



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu0leUFex1E]YouTube - ATV Riding at Little Gem Cycle Park[/ame]

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My daughter:

This link is available to logged in members only. Please login or register to view this link.

Edited by Ajmboy

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