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50cc MX Quad Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Im lookin for a MX Capable 50cc Quad of all things...:rolleyes:

My 5 yr old wants to race at the local indoor Track..Who would have thought that he couldnt Ride is TRX90:mad:

..The only one that I have found so Far is a Cobra EXC50


2007 Specifications:

Cobra 50cc 2-stroke engine.

39mm x 41.7 bore x stroke.

Case Reed 21mm carb induction.

Water Cooled.

3-shoe Cobra clutch.

Single speed automatic transmission.

Tune pipe and silencer exhaust.

Mixture lubrication.

Arens design twin spar frame.

1067mm (track 915mm) wheelbase.

737mm seat height.

Hydraulic Disk (160mm) front brakes.

Hydraulic Disk (180mm) rear brakes.

Dual A-Arm with SVO™ patented steering design. 248mm travel.

Ohlins Piggyback 200mm travel Lightweight axle rear suspension.

ITP 10x5 (4x1) Al front wheel / Douglas 8x6.5 (4x2.5) Al rear wheel.

ITP Holeshot 19/6 front tire / ITP 16/6.50-9 rear tire.

2007 Enhancements:

Improved front braking system.

Cobra Friction Drive (CFD) features more robust, longer wearing components.

New, improved transmission gears with more efficient tooth design featuring less resistance and improved reliability.

All new silencer featuring improved ease of maintenance, less sound and more power.

Redesigned PVL ignition featuring improved coil isolation for increased reliability.

New, stronger pipe for better reliability.

All new yellow plastic.

MSRP $ 6588.00*

Forgive me but my Son will NOT be riding something more Expensive than my Trike Habit:cool:

Im hoping Kidsatvs has some Input here....Or anyone!!!!!!!

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Yeah the cobra is a badass bike, and if you were on a nationl level to where the sponsorship was there to help pay for it would be even better. I have read on those bikes though they are having trouble with them and there have been quite a few DNF's with them in the gncc races.

For you gettin into the racing scene I would opt toward a Kasea or Eton. I don't know the rules out there or if you have set a cc size that you don't want to go over with your son for racing but the 50cc bikes with can be converted once he is comfortable with the racing to 70cc and both bikes can be modded to the moon if you want to.

I really wish now in hindsight that I would have picked up a Kasea or Eton 90 for my son instead of the LT80 for the parts issue and also the big shops have kind of put the lt80 on the back burner for modding and such.

I am kind of in the same boat as you on the bike deal as my son can ride the crap out of the lt80 actually he can over ride the 80 and is really ready for a Blaster, but here he cannot race the Blaster as he is to young. He loves the racing part so I guess the 80 will stay for a while longer and engine work performed.

Sorry for rambling...lol and hope this helps, Chris

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If you get some pics of that indoor track.....post them up. Should be pretty cool with all those smaller quads racing. Good Luck!

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Here's an indoor video of my son at a tt track. Mywife something that might help if he does start racing is find a flat track series to race so he can become comfortable with racing with other kids and also it is a good tool to learn the flags and starting procedures.

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Very Cool Vid....I thought of the Flat Track thing and the Traffic but we dont have anything like that Close to us....We always build the kids a Track when we Camp at the Dunes and he does Very Well with the Berm Shots and Passing Kids around those Tracks....He is still getting used to the TRX90 though....Big step up from the Kazuma 50 for him....I had to make him a Suicide Shifter for it because his little Feet couldnt up Shift:D So that might be a Problem..Down shifting is basicly the biggest problem for him..But then again,,,,He will just have to learn to shift:cool:

I called the Track today.....As luck would have it I know one of the Guys in Charge....Small World....Anyway,,,,Long story Short....He will let him run his TRX90... Says that they have a 50cc Class but no one runs in it

We will be going to Check out the Track Tonight and watch the practice... Maybe by the next race I will have some pictures for you guys....

Thanks for all the input!!!!!!! Is this the Biggest thread in here????:D

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Them are very nice machines but sooooo dang expensive. We have Unisons & they are rocking little atvs. 2 strokes as of right now, but for racing there is a ton of upgrades for them at Hetrick racing. The 50cc is $1395 & the 90cc is $1595, I would go to the 90cc if you could. Come with a 1 year parts & labor warranty also. Unison is located right in El Monte CA, so maybe you could even pick it up & we can shave some more off the price cuz we wouldn't have to ship it to you :) Here is a link to them on our site:

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I talked to the guys at the Track and he can run his TRX90:D Glad of that,,,,Now I dont have to shell out the Duckets for another Golf Cart:D We are practicing tonight so Ill try and get some more Pictures:cool:

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