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atc 125m new member please help

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hello everyone i have an 1984 atc 125m and it now longer produces spark and my manual tells you what to do just not how to, today i was messing around looking for the grounds i got one off and wire brushed it and the other i could not get off to inspect...

so i was hoping i could find out how many grounds the 125m has and possibly if a more experienced member can walk me thru how to get it running again,and has this happened to anyone else?

p.s. while inspecting the coil i unplugged it brushed it off and while hooking it back a spark gapped from the prong to the wire so its getting spark... kind of

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I would definately get a manual for that machine. You can try and find one online or download a torrent if you've used that method before. I saw some downloads available: 1984 atc 125m torrent search+

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Air, Spark, Fuel,,,,,that will Start it.....

If its Weak Spark you might need #5 and or 7.....but I would play with it for a while....Try to Pull start it..Not with he Cord but with another bike.....


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Check the connection between the coil wire and plug boot. The plug boot should have a scew in the end that attatches to the coil wire. Unscrew the boot, make sure there is good, fresh wire at the end of the coil wire, clip it back a bit if you need to with a pair of diagonal cutters. When you have made sure you have good wire right at the end of the coil wire, firmly push the boot back on and gently screw it back on. You want it on well, but don't turn it too tight as that will damage the wires inside the coil wire. That is the one of the simplest scenarios and it wont cost you anything to check it so I would start with that. Beyond that, study that diagram that MWKE provided and start looking for damaged or loose connections, if you still are having problems, you will probably need to do tests on the ignition components. A good service manual will give you specs and directions on how to do these tests. I would definately check out the link that Ajmboy posted for you.

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This is the Kinda Crap that really ticks me....Try to help a Triker out with Excellent Info only to be Denied event the Simplest of Thank yous:realmad: Its been almost a month since the Original Post....I think we need to be Billing these one post wonders before we give up the Goods....:laugh:

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