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2007 Suzuki Vinson 5 spd auto rattling noise

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I just purchased this machine as a brand new machine from a dealer as a left over, full warranty and 18 miles on it.

At an idle you can hear a rattling noise which is disturbing to a person who used to be an auto mechanic. I got out my stethoscope (pry bar up to my ear) and the sound appears to be coming from the rear part of the transmission where the clutch basket would be. I read somewhere else on the internet that its the bevel gear and its normal and I just want to make sure. My machine is still under warranty so I can take it back if needed but if anyone with a Vinson can verify that their machine is/was making the same noise I will feel better about it and may still take it to the shop for an inspection.

So far I am very happy with the machine, the handling is great, the power is more than what I need and its ability to go just about anywhere its wheels are pointed are all pluses for me. Last weekend I pulled out 2 swamped quads at the same time so it has some pulling power in low range. My only complaint so far was the rear brake squeaking which I have seemed to fix by disassembling the rear brake and applying anti-seize to the contact points on the caliper for the brake pads. If I had to complain about one more thing it would be the the gear ratio in reverse, its just not as low as I would like and it does not get lower even in low range.

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Congratulations on the new quad. I would really need to hear the noise but I believe that a slight rattle at idle is normal. My suggestion would be to bring it to the dealer for a check up and have them document it, saying that it is fine. This way you have some peace of mind.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I think you offered the best suggestion.

I understand that the cluch basket is most likely a bevel cut gear which could cause a slapping against the Inner bearing mating surface at an idle, especially a rather large engine single cylinder at that...not the smoothest engine by any means or not like a vtwin.

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I ran her over to my local dealer where I purchased the Vinson and they listened to it and said it was normal, they even started up another model just like it but auto and it made the same sound.

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