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  2. (ticking) Someone put a new top end on a worn bottom end. (Smoke) busted oil ring or bad valve seals and or guides.
  3. Is the small plate the metal ones? I'm almost positive the fiber/friction plate is first and last. This thread seems to back me up. According to some of the posters there are two plates that are different from the rest...they go first and last. If you give me a plate count of each plate (both fiber/friction and metal) I'll tell you which one goes first. http://forum.dirtrider.com/discussion/8234642/first-time-to-replace-clutch-kit-in-yz85/p1 It's been about 20 years since I have been inside of a bike gearbox! Back in the day we used to clean the plates with mineral spirits and sand them with fine paper to get a "new" friction surface on them. If the basket had wear we would remove it and file the edges down where the fiber plates would hit the basket and notch it. This was a cheap fix for a worn basket and clutch. We also use to put washers under the clutch springs to stiffen them up so that a worn clutch would grab better.
  4. Are you sure you put the plates in the correct order? Going off memory but it should be a friction plate first an last.
  5. The Vinson comes with bellows from the factory and they seem to work well.
  6. Anything higher than 87 is a waste in a standard compression engine.
  7. The only problem I see with using a quad to pull a mower is the lack of an open differential...a quad destroys lawns/grassed areas. Too bad the manufactures didn't design them with a bit more utility in mind and provide a locker in the rear for when you needed it. I use my Vinson and Recon in the yard more than I use it for pleasure...they have both been work horses pulling trailers, yard carts and moving sod. As long as you make long turns the damage to the lawn is minimal...but when your lawn is maintained at 1/2" with a reel mower the damage shows up more.
  8. We went to a fed orv place last weekend and there were 4 v Vinsons including mine.
  9. It's a great place to ride, pictures next visit...I promise! I had intentions to take them, brought my D200 and everything!
  10. We got some riding in on Saturday but left early Sunday morning because we couldn't sleep due to drucnk Latinos playing Latino music until about 4 am. On the other side of us was a drunk family with 2 underage girls singing until 3 am. Since I am a morning person I decided to wake everyone up getting firewood at 6 am and loading quads while the drunks were still sleeping, I'm sure they were pretty pissed. We will return hopefully before the seAson is out, there is some really good riding there.
  11. Heading out this morning with 4 quads and camping gear, hope to see some of you there.
  12. Did you get this problem worked out? I just bought the same quad, brand new and zero probs out of mine...I assume yours was a leftover from 2007 like mine.
  13. I ran her over to my local dealer where I purchased the Vinson and they listened to it and said it was normal, they even started up another model just like it but auto and it made the same sound.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I think you offered the best suggestion. I understand that the cluch basket is most likely a bevel cut gear which could cause a slapping against the Inner bearing mating surface at an idle, especially a rather large engine single cylinder at that...not the smoothest engine by any means or not like a vtwin.

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