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Winch Troubles on a Polaris 500 Sportsman

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Hey all, I got a problem with the Winch on our quad.

We own a Polaris 500 Sportsman (2007, I believe), and it has a winch on it (Not sure of the brand, looks no-name) we used the winch last year to put a plowblade on the front of our quad for our driveway. The only thing the winch did was pull that plowblade up and down, we didn't even have a chance to pull any stuck quads with it. So this year I hook up the plow blade, and use the rocker switch to let out a couple feet of winch cable so I can connect it to the plowblade. I stick the cable on the plowblade, and when I go to pull the cable back in, the motor just makes a sound, like a mix between and electric motor and a grinding noise. So, I flip to free-spool on the winch and let a few feet out, just in case the cable was tangled. I flip the switch off of free-spool, but it still will not take the line in or out. So, my dad called the dealership that sold it to us, and the dealership said to get a new contactor, which we did. My dad also got a new winch. We installed the new contactor, and the new winch, and when we test it out the winch makes the same bloomin' noise! So now we are stumped. We need the winch working so we can clear our driveway of snow, but even with a new contactor, and a new winch it still refuses to work. Any ideas?

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Yes we purchased both a new winch, and a new contactor (our dealership told us the contactor was the issue) but the wiring seems very straightforward. The wires come off of the winch, and straight into the contactor, so we can't figure out where a short would be happening. This is a very confusing situation.

Also, my dad told me of one more thing: When he got the new winch, before he mounted it onto the Polaris, he attached the battery leads from the stock winch, and put them on the new winch to test it, and it worked (And this was with the old contactor) but once we mounted the winch, it made the same grinding noise.

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Double check your wiring, to make sure the wires are in there proper spots. Also make sure all your bolts and screws are tight on the winch. Also have you tried a different rocker switch?

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Use a meter top test your connections at the winch and at the toggle switch to make sure you are getting connectivity. Make sure all the bolts are tight including mounting bolts.

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