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1995 Honda Fourtrax Rear Tires Not Moving

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So I was out riding today when i noticed it didn't seem like i had a lot of traction. And it was really prevalent when i tried going up a small hill and only my front tires were spinning. The rear tires didn't move at all. What should I take a look at to fix the problem? anyone have ideas what happened. I just bought the four wheeler about a month ago. its a used '95 fourtrax...

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lasherb1, I removed your other thread in the Genreal Discussions section, as it was a duplicate to this one.

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Really it didn't do much besides run the way its suppose to, but the rear tires weren't moving. I didn't detect anything motor wise

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i dont know you, and i dont know how this website works at all,

i just know 2 things,

1- i'll try to give advise once in a while if its ok with u guys

2- i know atv's

i happend to come across this site when looking for a free download service manual, so far i havent find any, well, thats the web for ya....


Back to trx no wheels spining

you lack some info. Like is it a trx 300, trx350 etc.....my best bet is a trx300, cadillacs of the dirt roads

you mention no engine misbehaving, and never mention any kind of noise, thats goood

loosing an universal shaft or the differential whould make significant noise, and notice weeks ago, unless you were listening zztop on your walkman (my favorite)

so this is my best bet. Hope it is

easy check:

Go to the back of the atv. Get hold of the rear rack and crouch.

Now move the bike left and right...

See any movement on the wheels compare to the axle or the rest of the bike???

Now you may notice some clicking noise

if so, you need a new axle and hubs, hub nuts where a bit loose, dirt and friction did the rest

if you dont have the resourses for new parts, you can go to a welding shop, your friend next door may have a mig or an arc welder, take wheels off, take hubs off, clean the splines, put hubs back, tigth the hub nut as much as you can with impact whrench, now weld hub to axle around the inside,(brake side and differential side)

now weld 4 good poins around hob to nut side, just to keep it balanced, if not, the weld inside will brake

this weldin is easy to take off later, by means of hacksaw or any power tool, and will be able to install new parts (cutting just the welding, not the axle right?)

hope this help you

let me know if it did

happy trails..

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Thank you all for your advice.

I spoke to a atv mechanic last night and he said, based on my observations, to check the rear differential.

And would ya know I happened to have metal chips in the almost non-existent oil in the diff. So after knowing this I have come to the conclusion that I need a new ring and pinion, which is only a hundred dollar or so fix. I appreciate all your advice and suggestions.

I'll keep everyone up to date and maybe will have pics coming soon

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Sorry for the outcome

but hundred dollars for the fixing?


Just curious.. Trx300? Zztop?

I would say it's the utility 4x4 300. The utility 2wd and 4x4 have been known to blow rear ends if rearend oil is not maintained.

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I would say it's the utility 4x4 300. The utility 2wd and 4x4 have been known to blow rear ends if rearend oil is not maintained.

I would have to agree..it's a Fourtrax as per the title. Plus he said the front tires are moving...:wink:

So after knowing this I have come to the conclusion that I need a new ring and pinion, which is only a hundred dollar or so fix. I appreciate all your advice and suggestions.

I'll keep everyone up to date and maybe will have pics coming soon .

I figured it was the rear. Most likely your seals dry rotted and caused the diff fluid to leak out over a period of time..then friction took over... Double check your hub seals.

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