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1998 Polaris Sportsman 500 clutch help


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More than likely your clutch is not fully disengaging. Take the outer clutch cover off and see if the clutch is releasing completely. It would be a good chance to clean the clutch halfs and clean the clutch shaft. This will probably take care of your problem. Just look at the clutch face, weights, and spring. Polaris clutches are easy to identify the problems, just look closely, if anything is wrong it should be obvious.

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    • By Gwbarm
      I finally got around to working on the TRX, this has been an ongoing problem with this machine. This is a machine that we keep on my Fathers property, i dont see it that often, my brother haad it professionally repaired last year and year before same problem, the new starter gears and bypass gears last about a year and the machine is not used that often, he said he was done with it , so i thought i should go take a look. Sure enough the gears were all malled again. 


      IMG_4910.mov   There is some slack in there but most is taken up by the gear cover,if anyone with history with these machines has had the same problem, let me know your findings. Where i am now im looking for finding replacement honda gears on Ebay and try those. I suspect the original was replaced with aftermarket gears years ago and they just worse quality as the years go by. 
    • By chadh
      When the machine sits a few days I have a week/dead battery.
      What I have found,
      1. There is a group of four smaller gauge wires connected to the positive side of the battery. One of these is a blue wire, with the key off there is a .5amp draw on this wire.
      2. When I pull the EFI relay it is warm and the .5amp draw stops.
      3. I can reinstall the relay and the draw does not return until the key is turned back on.
      4. Swapping the relay with another does not change the condition.
      5. Turning the engine kill switch to stop does not kill the draw.

      I am assuming that when the key is turned off the EFI relay should relax, but is not.
      Does/should the key to off remove the control power for the relay, and therefor relax, or does the ECM control this relay?

      Thanks for any help.
    • By huntindog
      I am in the process of puting it back together after replacing the DPS gearbox.
      The manual I have states that it will need to be flashed by a dealer. Is this still true?
      Also , I have a mystery bolt That I cannot remember where it goes. M6x 70 or so.  Hex head with a flat washer.I will try to attach a pic.
      Pic is no go for now....Cox issue I will try again later
    • By TheRetiredMilitaryGuy
      Hey y’all, I need some help badly. I have a 02 Honda foreman rubicon 500, it sat for a year (ran out of time) just did a full top end plus piston and rings on it. Got it running but it will not drive forward at all and will only do 2 mph in reverse. The engine or transmission makes a very loud whining when I hit throttle both ways. 
      I need some help I’m very unfamiliar with the hondamatic. 
      Any ideas or options?
    • By Werewolf
      Oil is getting in the air box from crankcase vent tube, I put the two hoses that go to the air box together then something started to smoke on the front of the engine. There is a filter? In the line I blew that out.
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