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2007 Honda TRX400 EX oil levels?

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Hi, I'm curious how in the heck do you properly check the oil level in a trx 400 ex?

Every time I pull out the dipstick it gives different readings. When I first go for a ride to warm it up I check the oil level and it only has a drop on the stick, the second it reads over full, the third its in the center of the stick.

I know the difference is probably due to the oil pump pushing oil into the engine at different intervals.

With it doing this I have no idea if I need to add some oil or not.


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yes, I do have the motor off. the problem is every time I check the oil it has a different reading. even directly after changing the oil. last time I changed the oil it did the opposite said full then said empty then was overfull then normal, then back to empty then full, it's really aggravating not knowing how much oil is actually in there. is this normal on these machines or is mine having some sort of an issue where the oil is staying in the engine and not flowing back into the tank?


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I actually have a 450 but Start the engine and let it run for 3 or 4 minutes. Then, shut the engine down and remove the oil filler cap on the oil tank. The cap has the dipstick attached to it. Insert the dipstick down in the oil tank but don't screw it in. The oil level should be between the two marks.

I cannot explain the raising and dropping of the oil...

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OK, now I was told when changing the oil because of the pump you have to fill it and drive it then add more to it to circulate the oil get it up in the cooler and engine etc. and the same goes for draining it. drain it out then run it and drain it out again. is this the correct method?

I did try that was hesitant of course but after the oil stopped draining out I fired up the engine then after I shut it down I got close too another quart out of it.

I think all the different readings has to be because of the pump. 1 time I read it the oil cooler might be full and the tank close to empty, the next time I read it the cooler or enginre might be empty and the tank will be full. does this make sense?

I would believe that when the quad is shut off all the oil should drain back into the tank, but being the tank is separate and there is no gravity flow from the engine to the tank has me wondering.


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