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This Is Huge

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Your Chance To Provide Positive Comments About Motorized Recreation

By Americans forResponsible Recreation Access

Earlierthis yearPresident Obama held a conference on America’s Great Outdoors and established the America’s Great

Outdoors Initiative to be led by the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture, the Administrator of the Environmental

Protection Agency and the Chairof the Council of Environmental Quality. The initiative is tasked with reconnecting

Americans, especially children, to the outdoors and they have asked forpublic input and ideas.

It is vitally important that the Administration hearfrom you about how you recreate on and enjoy public lands. We can be

sure that they are hearing from those who would support limiting orending access formotorized recreation, but we have an

opportunity to tell ourside of the story as well. So visit America's Great Outdoors, sign-up, and weigh in.

Now is the time to make it clearthat OHVrecreation is a family-oriented activity that allows forfamilies to spend quality

time outdoors. Too often OHVrecreation is defined by the renegade few who behave irresponsibly. Please take this

opportunity to make it clearthat millions of Americans responsibly enjoy motorized recreation on public lands.

Talking Points:

OHVuse is a legitimate, sustainable use of appropriate public lands, particularly on National Forests and Bureau of

Land Management Units.

* Motorized recreation is a healthy family activity and provides a great opportunity forfamilies to “get away from it

all,” and to experience the great outdoors.

* OHVers, like otherrecreationists, seek opportunities to not only enjoy the riding experience, but also opportunities

to learn more about cultural and historical context, take in scenic views, observe wildlife, camp, hunt, fish and

participate in many otheractivities.

* The overwhelming majority of OHVers are conservationists, who seek to preserve the same outdoorexperiences they

enjoy forchildren and grandchildren.

OHVers are volunteers. OHVclubs and organizations groom and maintain trails, trailheads and otherfacilities as

well as adopt trails and provide the tools and experience needed for constructing and maintaining all sorts of

recreational trails; not just OHVopportunities.

* ATVand off-highway motorcycle riding encourage and promote physical fitness.

* OHVs provide the opportunity forAmericans of all ages and physical capabilities to enjoy the outdoors.

So please take a few minutes to visit America's Great Outdoors and have yourvoiceheard.

Americans forResponsible Recreation Access

1152 15th Street, NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005

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That is a big deal ! If every American ATVer who uses public land would respond to this, our voice could really make the tide turn in our favor. Let's fight this together brothers !

We need to start voting the right people in to office:laugh: I`ve figured out that most of the people who are fighting us to take our trails away don`t even use them !!!!!:aargh:

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