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ok guys i have a little problem with my 185s i have tried beating and heating the rear brake drum but it just wont come off any ideas am i missing something here? ive got the outter plate off the one with 6 bolts and that slides right off now the problem i have is with the inner plate it has holes in it but i cant see anything holding it on can some one plz help me i like my trike and would hate to get rid of it just cuz i cant fix my little problem

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you're getting smoke because there is a bearing in there- be sure and repack that with grease before reassembly.

I went out and got my 185 factory book. The drum is splined, of course, but after you remove everything between it and the tire, there's nothing holding it in there...

the backing plate and inner dust cover are welded to the bearing carrier, so that will be staying where it is.

Typical Honda manual, it says 'remove the brake drum.' hahaha perhaps a chilton's would be more enlightening...

I also haver a clymer's here tho I prefer chilton's. clymer= British, chilton= American

the language is different...

If you have both axle nuts and the washer removed, and the brake cables are slack, then there is nothing but corrosion holding that drum on there. Brake shoes sometimes wear out and then eat a groove into the drum.... a couple good smacks with a hammer should break them loose.

But other than that, it's heat I'm afraid. I have a clymers and a factory manual on that rig if you need any more help. [i have a 185 and a 200s]

Don't be afraid to ask.

I can fax you a picture if you have a fax machine or scan a page and email it to you. Let me know if I can help.

Start shooting those splines with PB Blaster or some other penetraing fluid....the splines are all that hold the drum on if you have the axle nuts removed...

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ok i offically messed up lol was searching ebay today and noticed the brake drum is splined on and ive been trying to twist it off *face palms* yea i know i sound like a dumb ass but it happens guess ill update when i get it off later tonight

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I have an axle in my garage right now, that has a drum that I believe has been heat welded to the axle. I even tried building a puller that grips the drum through the holes and used a hydraulic bottle jack to apply the pressure, one of the fingers on the puller just broke a piece off the drum. Unfortunately, the only way the axle comes out on this thing, is by removing the drum and pulling it out the other side. We have to cut the brake drum off and try not to damage the splines in the process, a new drum is going to run $130. At least you have a choice to take it out the other way if you can't get the it to pull off the splines.

BTW, I edited your posts for you, please try to avoid f-bombs in the future, I know you are probably frustrated, but this is an all ages forum, so please, atleast try to avoid actually spelling out the cuss words. Good luck with the drum, I hope you get it off there ok.

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keep looking.... check the 3 wheeler forum here and look at some of MWKE's posts, the first few. he has some contacts there for 3 wheeler sites. SOMEBODY has one laying in their garage, bet on it! it's a treasure hunt man! hahaha have fun

maybe you can run a die down those threads and restore them. may require some hand filing.... it's a pain in the butt but I have done it before on a crankshaft and it worked. Next time screw the nut back on and pound on a wood block OK?

I'll look around too. Be sure and put it in the classifieds here- someone may have one!

Edited by Raptor8
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