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I agree with the never say never thing. When I started building my 250R/CR500 hybrid, I got lots of negative feedback from forums that I was posting on and from people that I knew that apparently know everything, but have never built anything with their own two hands. I did it anyway ofcourse, and am glad I did, it isn't perfect, but it was cheap, and I have yet to see a daily rider type machine that can hang with it, especially when you consider the $ to $ comparison. I have less than $2k invested in this thing, and I can eat $8000 Raptor 700R's for lunch all day long. That being said, it is alot of work to do a motor swap of any kind, especially when you are trying to wedge a 4 cylinder street bike motor into a small quad frame. I would also agree that the Warriors poor handling charactaristics are not going to be favorable to all the power that the Ninja motor is going to put out. But there is a solution to every problem if you are determined and skilled enough to get the job done. If you really thing you can make it work, I say, why not. If you think, even for a second that you don't have the necessary skills, or aren't willing to make the effort to do things right, I would not even consider the idea. If you do decide to do this, I would very much like to see a thread started in the project room so we can all see this beast in the making. This would also give you a platform on which to ask others for ideas if you need. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

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