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2000 Suzuki King Quad 300 Snorkel Problems

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Ok I have a 2001 king quad 300 it crapped out about two months ago rite before I put my snorkle kit on. Well I had it all taken appart putting the snorkle on and I decided to go ahead with the kit before fixing the original problem ( yes I know bad idea ) it was running before the kit. It would idle fine but when u reved it up it bogged out and backfired with white smoke common sighns of flooding out so I adjusted the carb after cleaning it 12 hours in soapy water and thorough cleaning on the outside and inside it still ran the same I bought a carb kit and still the same I went back throughout the carb and it was spotless I checked the float and it is fine no spots or anything so I adjusted the fuel to air screw and the needle with no luck I then replaced my fuel pump ( because I noticed fuel running out the back ) still ran the same. I recently had it running for a while putting around in low speed ( ran fine ) give it gas and it boggs out ( too much fuel) I noticed when it boggs out there is air coming out of the snorkle like a blowback I have tried reducing the air intake by covering the snorkle and it has no effect. Im at a los and due to our wonderful economy and my small town job im unable to send it to the shop so im here.

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No but i had planned on checking the spark till i lost all my tools out the back of my truck lol so i have to get more tools .....go figure! Lol thank you for the comment

LOL..that happens to me, I loose tools all the time. They are usually lying somewhere because I forget to put them back where they belong. Then I need something, and it's an hour to find a freakin tool! :laugh:

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Lol well i left my tools at a convenience store as i unloaded a lawnmower, figures with my luck. I have to buy a new battery mine has crashed. It was weird because the starter didnt want to turn it over if the choke was closed or if u gave it any gas during cranking it over it would stop and start clicking. It did that even with the atv battery and a marine battery and a running truck lol. Im yet again stumped

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check you petcock. there is a vacuum line that runs from there. the diaphragm breaks and leaks, when you start the motor the vacuum line sucks gas, there it runs very rich. shut off gas, drain the carb. and put vise-grip or clamp on the vacuum hose(close it some how).turn on gas and start it. i am 95% sure this is the problem.

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