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  1. did u check crankshaft for balance . piston connecting rod.if u newer set up an engine u no way gonna get good engine work .if u wanna spend your time fixing that on the rail when awry one driving thats you choice people doing like this if they wanna sell ,not keeping for them self
  2. lift atv with jack pull the spark plug out . put in 4th or 3th gear and try to rotate the wheel.if can find any thing try all gears
  3. there is one way in for fuel from cylinders but it have to be very high mileage on the engine and u feel less torque
  4. better then my situation 1.5 year sits in the garage when i get my Yamaha raptor 700 rent straight truck from penske with friends to ride on badlands Chevy from enterprise . friends take my atv with me. no game changes no time for that.
  5. why u need that .its like i m going to store do i need car for that
  6. u just try to start and it didn't start or its was running and shots off no beginning off the story.
  7. before you get dirty picture everything take apart its easy put together is half of way but to adjust for best performance i don't think u have patience to get skills
  8. do u see a lot of treats about valve adjusting ?problems with that i didn't.if u have the same start problem issue try to jump the switch if problem persist then its relay my 700 raptor with low battery hard to start too .i didn't ride much.
  9. with engine off try put the gear and push it if its spins ease on second gear then its a clutch .try adjust it ,but u have make shore to remember how it was in case it not helps.
  10. how many hours on it. replays air filter. if the same drein old fuel put some high octane fuel
  11. don't rebuild anything if u not sure. make some pictures i didn't see any pictures its too many models and setting for carburetors make pictures ask question which screw to adjust. show what u done then we can solve problems easel e in no time.
  12. first of all why trying adjusting something u not professional do you. after long stops just drain old fuel try to run without spark plug .u answer u question was running a year ago the vaporises.if u adjust something remember what u did .the carburetor made of aluminum from long period of time hi gets corrosion in side .but if cleaned already so u good.sorry for my English. good luck
  13. try google it for compresion for 2001 polaris scrambler 90 cc compresion ratio

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