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  1. you need atleast 3 turn out for idle. the smaller 250cc needed 2.5 out. use the choke to start and then shut off. you might have a clogged jet clean it with a single wire from a steel wire brush.
  2. fuel tank petcock diagram is broken. and sucking fuel as some as you rev it. check it for a rip or whole. common problem. easy fix is to block the vacuum line. the side fuel pump is good enough.
  3. dirtdemon is right:biggrin:. i had this happen to me. the diaphragm breaks inside. just block off the vacuum line, you don't need it. the primary pump is good enough. or when your starting after adding new gas to an empty tank just blow into the tank a little.
  4. check you petcock. there is a vacuum line that runs from there. the diaphragm breaks and leaks, when you start the motor the vacuum line sucks gas, there it runs very rich. shut off gas, drain the carb. and put vise-grip or clamp on the vacuum hose(close it some how).turn on gas and start it. i am 95% sure this is the problem.
  5. first thought, 1.check not over filled with oil.vacuum line could be sucking oil. if dirty drain and replace quick solution could go thicker eg 20w-50 bike oil 2. check filter 3. spark plug what color? 4. compression if on the low side ~120psi its rings or valve. if high could be sticky or broken oil ring( if they are sticky, try SEAFOAM, and or intake cleaner, warm upto temp and add little and rev a little and then add more until it stalls. let sit for 30min and run it until warm and exhaust should stop smoking. 5. take head off check valve guilds. 6. check rings and bore size and roundness
  6. i got a 2006 trx500 rubicon with gps, but the top end is completely blown(head, cylinder piston,all broken) i not sure if the trans works anymore? i do have a foreman 400 motor, and was wondering if it is possible to do the swap. the engine design looks similar like engine mount location. the thing i am worried about is how similar are the output shafts? i know the 400 is not powerful, but its better than no quad, or parting out for a few buck$$$. what are your guys opinion should i attempt it? or is it a pipe dream:aargh:
  7. i had the problems that you are describing. on my 99 king quad, at first i thought it had to be the carb. then i found out that the diaphram on the Petcock was broken and leaking into the vacuum into the carb causing it to spit and rough idle. i notice i was sucking in gas because the oil sight went from middle to full after cranking and idling for a bit. also make sure its new gas. also check the choke cable and spring. don't completely seal the tank. it needs to be vented, or else you suck in gas create a vacuum in the tank and can't enough fuel when needed.
  8. thanks, i found the wire a blue disconnected it and put a toggle switch to ground. now i can start it i any gear with the toggle and then press the starter.
  9. as everyone with a king quad knows you need to be in neutral to start. i want to know how to make the quad so it can start in gear (1st, 2nd....). is it as simple as creating a short on the switch??? i have done the diff-lock mod and its amazing. i am getting tired of when ever i switch off the quad in gear, i have to find the neutral again and that involves rocking the quad forward and backward for it to down shift. thanks
  10. do the stuff dirtdemon said. there is a cover on the right side of the carb you need to take it off, be-aware on the o-ring gasket. then you need to open the throttle by hand on the carb to take the throttle line out. you also need to remove the choke cable on the left side with a 11mm wrench, remeber were the fuel /vacuum hoses go. now you can start taking it out, this is the hard part since the carb is very tight in between the engine and air box. i recommend sliding the hose clamps off and taking the airbox hose out first. the hard part is putting is back in. once you clean the carb and all the jets, with a needle and a compressor is the best way. the idle screw for the king 300 is 2 5/8 turns out from all the way in. the hard part is putting is back in.

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