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2000 Yamaha Warrior Loud 'Clanking' from rear end

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So I was getting the quads off the trailer after sitting for 3.5 months and one makes this loud 'clanking' sound from the rear end. Its a 2000 Warrior 350.

As best as I can tell, its from the axle area but I'm not 100% sure. It happens when it is rolling. It didn't do this when we put them on the trailer back in march.

Here are two videos showing the sound;



The second video shows it the best. I dont know what it is... bearings maybe? Please let me know!

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Is it every revolution of the inside of the sprocket hub? Or the chain?

Neither... Its completely random. Sometimes it wont do it at all over 5 revolutions or so, othertimes it will do it constantly.

Im uploading another video now with the back tires suspended that I will post once uploaded.

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Here is a video with the tires suspended and me spinning by hand;

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYqQLpXvkXM]YouTube - ‪IMG 0156‬‏[/ame]

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axle bearings for sure,an easy and cheap fix,if u don't tale care of them right away it can take your bearing carrier out,it happened to me but i had no choice,i was 15 miles from my truck

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Guest S-Hardy

yeah that's what it sounds like to me I had a artic cat dvx 400 and it was making a sound kinda like that and that's what was wrong with mine. It didn't take no tym too fix it when you pick it up and roll the ack wheels is there any slack in in the axle. If so u should be able to tell if you grab the wheel and move it back and fourth.

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