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kolpin electric choke

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I'm not sure on this one my daughters 90 has an electric choke but with hers it acts like it's not getting gas. when hers starts you can tell by the idle it's working and once it's warm you will hear it idle down. I don't know of a way to check it. I was looking at the web site for the carb and they have one with a manual choke I don't know if they would work on our quads! I was thinking of swapping my daughters out.

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If its' working, at normal operating temperature, moving it to an open position should change the idle and cause a stall out.Then you know it's working!

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The thing I was not sure about is if it is electric then how do you manually move it. It would be cool if there was some way to look inside the carb and see it moving.

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      3. I've read that I can tweak the air/fuel screw and maybe fix the rich mix. Where is that even located, and if it's behind a cap that I have to drill out... where is that?
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