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1998 Arctic Cat 500 4x4 Stallling

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i have issues with it dying out when i apply the throttle.it will idle all day long but as soon as i give it some throttle it acts like it is starving for gas. if i cover half of the catb it runs ok.also gas flows out of the bottom of the carb through the overflow.any suggestions or fixes for my problem?



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What year is this quad? Sounds to me like you need to rebuild/clean that carb.

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its a 98. i have taken out the jets and cleaned them.its weird because its sounds to be starving for gas but the gas flows out of overflow at the bottom of carb. could it be the accelerator pump. thats what one guy had told me. it was all working good untill i took the bowl off because of the gas leeking. ques i should of left that to someone more qualified.:huh:

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80 % of all the older Arctic Cat's running issues are in the fuel system. Theres nothing wrong with the fuel system but with the introduction of ethanol lots of problems have come up.

Hears the problem, all fuel has trash in it. Most of the trash collects on the bottom and walls of the fuel tank. What stays floating in the fuel is caught by the filters.

Now introduce ethanol, Ethanol is an outstanding cleaner!!!! All that trash that collected on the walls of the tank is now coming loose, plus the filters in the tank are deteriorated by ethanol. Just to prove it, turn off the gas valve, pull the hose, I bet it leaks.

Even the fuel line used at the time can be deteriorated by ethanol.

So, what needs to be done, luckly everything in the carb has no problem ethanol. First the carburator needs to be completly disassembled, The main parts need to be soaked in carb cleaner for 30 mim to a hour. Then flushed with hot water and blow out with compressed air. Inspect all rubber parts for deterioration and replaced if needed. Reassemble making sure to set the pilot jet and the float setting to factory spec. I can get them for you if needed.

Now, remove all the fuel hose and drain the tank, if the valve leaks replace it, there cheap. While the tank is empty look in it with a flash light. if it's got scum buildup in it, it will need to be cleaned. Install the new valve and replace the fuel lines with ethanol safe fuel hose. It is also a good idea to install a good quality in-line fuel filter.

With everything put back togeather add fresh gas and you should be good to go.

I do recommend using a good fuel stablizer for ethanol, I prefer the Yamaha Marine product fuel stablizer, It's like stablizer on steriods. Another produst I recommend is another Yamaha marine product called ring free, it is a carbon removing compound that cleans carbon from the valves, rings and piston. The stuff works.

Good luck

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thanks texas...i will try that. does it have to be the same carb put back on from factory or will another carb fit and work. like of a honda,yamaha..ect...

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It would be best with the original carb. There can be a lot of differances between carbs from one manufacture to another. ventura, jets,orfaces can be all different fom one motor to the next even though they are the same size motor.

Bore and stroke, valve size, cam lift and duration, exhaust restriction, air cleaner restriction and intake runner size and length will all effect volumetric flow rate of the carburator.

with out the correct carb you could be chasing problems forever and never get close. Plus it could be close enough to run but if to lean or to rich it could destroy the motor.

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